Success stories from the Everpress platform

Charlotte Mei by Katie Silvester for Everpress 2018 12

We’re really proud of our community, and we’re constantly impressed by what our creators have achieved through Everpress. From showcasing their work on a new medium, to helping getting the word out about what they do, to kickstarting a brand, their stories go to show that there’s no telling where running a T-shirt campaign can lead.

To get a really clear insight into how to make money selling T-shirts, we know it’s useful to have an idea of the numbers behind the campaigns. So with that in mind, we’ve set up our Case Studies series. Here we delve into the figures from the campaigns of Anthony Burrill, Fruit Stickers and more – from how many T-shirts they sold, to how much profit that translated to – to help give you a complete understanding of the benefits of running an Everpress campaign.


How and why these creatives are selling their artwork with us:

  • How Kelly Angood brought Fruit Stickers to life through merch, selling 1,102 T-shirts and making £11,747 in profit. 
  • Why Anthony Burrill has run 5 campaigns and 3 charity collaborations with us.
  • How the £1,000 in profit Charlotte Mei made from her first campaign is giving her the freedom to create.
  • How Kyle Platts is building his personal brand by selling over 300 T-shirts across 18 countries.


How and why these musicians and record labels are selling their merch with us:

  • How Erased Tapes are using bulk orders alongside pre-order campaigns to create and sell their unique merch. 
  • How Palace have taken the risk out of merch, selling over 180 T-shirts via pre-orders at their live shows.
  • Why DJ Boring is using merch to reach his global fan base across 12 countries. 
  • How Naive Trax have sold over 500 T-shirts, while investing a fraction of the time of a traditional merch drop.


How and why these charities are running T-shirt fundraisers with us:

  • How Amnesty International reached a whole new audience with T-shirts, selling nearly 2,000 tees and making over £14,000 in profit.
  • How Sister Supporter are using the money they make through Everpress to expand their mission nationwide. 
  • How T-shirts are helping MAP Charity unlock their next major milestone.
  • How ActionAid paired with a designer to help their work resonate with a new audience.

Content Creators

How and why these content creators are making merchandise part of what they do with us:

  • How David Vujanić is reaching fans beyond his channels, in 49 countries to date.
  • Why T-shirts have been important in helping Good Blood evolve and grow.
  • How Everpress let RKG test the demand for their merch; they’ve since sold over 4,700 T-shirts. 
  • Why Curated By Girls’ founder Laetitia Duveau thinks of Everpress as a partner in her campaigns.