How should I wash my garment?


Though we offer a full range of different T-shirts and garments, the same basic principles can be carried across all our pieces when it comes to washing. 

Always be gentle!

The best mantra for washing your T-shirt – or any item of clothing for that matter – is: be gentle. Treat your garment with care and it will hold its shape better and maintain the print colour for longer too. 

Ideally, you want to wash garments as little as possible. Not only is it all part of treating them gently, but it’s better for the planet too. Every wash makes a difference.

Keep It Fresh Between Washes

Now we’re not advocating that you never wash your clothes, but with the planet in mind, we do have a few tips up our sleeves to help tide over your favourite pieces between washes. 

Air It Out: Hanging garments up in a well ventilated space will let air circulate through the fibres, freshening up garments that have started to smell a little stale. This one is especially good for tees that have spent the night in the smoking area – think of it as letting your clothes breath. 

Spot Treating: You put on a freshly washed T-shirt, only to near-instantly spill something on it? Enter spot treating, a method which essentially involves treating individual stains as they spring up. There’s a whole range of techniques and cleaning combinations you can try depending what you’ve spilt (glycerin for ballpoint pen, anyone?) but by and large, a mixture of detergent in warm water is a good starting point. 

Wash Sparingly: In general, hoodies and sweatshirts, which aren’t worn directly next to the skin, will need fewer washes between wears than T-shirts, which are. Give thought to how you wear each garment, and think in terms of a wear-by-wear basis too, rather than putting a load on every couple of days no matter how often you’ve worn things.

When washing, always:


Wash cold: Keep it to 30° (or even colder) it can lead to big energy savings even compared to 40°.

Wash with similar colours: Always, always, always only wash whites with whites, and colour garments with colours. It’s better, trust us.

Wash Inside Out: It helps keep the print (and colour fabric) from fading.

Iron inside out: It keeps the print safe from being burnt, warped or faded unnecessarily.

Use the ‘eco’ setting: Most washing machines have one these days, so why not use it?


Do not:


Tumble Dry: The worst. Terrible for the environment and your T-shirt too. To keep garments lasting for longer avoid tumble drying at all costs.

Overdo It With Detergent: Be sparing with detergent (within reason) – the less detergent the less damage to your garment and the planet