How Do You Select Editor’s Picks?

Editor’s Picks is a regularly updated, curated selection of all the designs currently available in our shop. With as many as 1,500 campaigns live on our platform at any one time, Editor’s Picks acts as a place where buyers can see an overview of everything we have to offer.  

Only around 5-10% of the total campaigns live on the site will be featured on Editor’s Picks which means that not every design can be selected. If yours hasn’t been chosen, don’t panic. We have no set criteria or preference for how we choose what goes up – most of all we like to keep an eclectic overall mix of designs and creators that showcases the full range of Everpress T-shirts.  

One of the best ways to get noticed by our selection team is to tag us in any social media posts or stories you share of your tee, that way our marketing team will definitely get the chance to catch your design. And if you think we might have missed out on seeing your work, you’re very welcome to drop us an email or send us a DM or message on any of our social media channels.