Our Content Review Policy

We love how many creators use Everpress to make a statement. 

There have been incredible designs on our platform that have raised awareness for communities, fundraised for causes and spotlighted issues outside the mainstream. And of course there are also the designs that are making a statement simply by being bold, showing something different and adding new creativity to Everpress daily. 

We’re proud of all the work we’re able to showcase and celebrate. To help make sure we continue to make a positive impact we’ve created our content guidelines policy. This policy makes it as clear as possible what content we do and don’t allow on our platform. 

And just so you know, we reserve the right to delay, remove, or cancel any campaign based on concerns we have about the content shared on our website. If in doubt, reach out to us at hello@everpress.com. We’re always happy to chat about your campaign message or design. 

Hate Speech – Attacks On Any Community

We can stand up for what we believe in without pushing others down. So we won’t accept designs that single out any group maliciously. This covers a lot of communities, but if you’re worried your design may be offensive, here’s what we don’t allow:

Images, words or descriptions that are derogatory, defamatory or violent towards another group or individual based on race, religion, ability, socio economic status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation.

Misinformation – Harmful Lies 

There have been some great designs on Everpress that are wonderfully irreverent, packed with fictional ideas and characters. It’s something that adds a smile to our feeds. But we don’t accept lies on designs or descriptions that have a clear intention to cause harm. Not sure if your design is playful or harmful? Here’s what we won’t let on our site:

Images, words or descriptions that communicate false information that aims to defame, discredit or harm individuals, groups, organisations, countries, public figures or medical advice. 

Copyright – Copying Other Ideas

There are a lot of figures, brands, businesses and organisations that are diligently searching for counterfeits, knock-offs, plagiarism and edits of their copyrighted property. We don’t want you to submit a design that could be flagged to these groups, even if the design was meant in good will. So we don’t accept designs on our site that mimic, copy or deface copyrighted material, or in any way steal intellectual property. 

We also care about respecting the ideas of those who may not have the legal muscle to copyright their work. We won’t accept designs copied from any other creator, either in the Everpress community or outside of it. And we ask that our community seeks inspiration from others with integrity and doesn’t copy the work of another designer. 

For more information on intellectual property, check out our guide to intellectual property infringement.

Pornographic Imagery – Nudity With Intent To Harm

We’re not here to police the human form and have had some stand out designs that celebrate the body. But if a design gets uploaded that seems to be in poor taste we will review and take it down if it breaches our guidelines. We get this can seem subjective, so here’s how we’ll look at it, and where we’ll draw the line:

No design which negatively depicts the nude body/bodies, including showing violence, sex crimes, negative language relating to the body, and extreme sexual activity. 

Keep it clean and tasteful. 

Spotted Something You Think Should Be Flagged?

Our team checks for counterfeits daily and manually reviews any content flagged to us that our community believes breaches our content policy. So if you see a campaign, design, or description that doesn’t meet our guidelines, we’ve made it simple to let us know. 

If you’re on the campaign page you can click the chat box on the right and follow the steps to flag the campaign to our team to review. 

Alternatively if you know of content that you think shouldn’t be on our site you can email us at hello@everpress.com and we will pass it on to the team to review.