Can I get a sample of my printed T-shirt design?

Yes, we can print samples.

Samples can not be ordered once a campaign has gone live. To order your sample, create your draft campaign and go through each stage until you reach the preview page. Here there is an ‘order sample’ option which you can select to order yours.

Due to the expense of setting up the screen printing process for one-off prints, all samples are DTG printed. Each sample is charged at what is costs to produce the one-off print, and this will depend on a couple of factors including the number of artwork placements and colours used in the design. The standard turnaround for printing a sample is 5-7 working days, plus a few extra days for delivery, so be sure to order your sample in advance.

Sampling is a great way to understand how your design will look in the flesh, and it’s a brilliant way to create content that will help promote your campaign. Many creators on the Everpress platform use a sample to do photos shoots and create content that will promote their products ahead of their campaign launch.