How to make an ‘About Us’ Page


So you’ve built a new campaign, and you’re itching to hit ‘LAUNCH’ so you can sell that incredible new T-shirt design online – we know the feeling well and it’s natural! However, it’s important to take a deep breath and make sure you’re giving yourself the best chance at maximising orders on your campaign before you do.

A key part of this is making sure your campaign page is ticking all the ‘best practice’ boxes. We see it regularly – the best selling campaigns on Everpress have really nailed their campaign page; they’ve made it feel like home, adding a bunch of detail where other campaigns don’t.

Here’s how to replicate the campaign page prowess of the pros.

Tell Your Story

We’re going to harp on about this because it’s important. Buyers are behaving differently to how they did in the past, they no longer want mass-produced garments by faceless designers – they’re looking to find creative talent that they can get behind, and to be proud to wear. But here’s the dilemma – how will they know if they can get behind you if they don’t know your story?

Great examples:

This is where storytelling comes in – in order to grow your support base beyond your existing audience (and sell more products) you need to make it easy for new and potential customers to subscribe to your way of doing things. This doesn’t mean you need to sell out, or to try to be as generic as possible. On the contrary, just be yourself, and articulate what makes you tick through visual content and words.


Tips: Use the ‘Title’ and ‘Info’ buttons when building out your campaign page to create a new space for text below your campaign’s digital mock-up.

Show that your product is a real thing

Think about when you shop on your favourite online stores – what do their product pages have in common? Usually they are great at showing the product in detail; from different angles, close-up, and on a human. They do this for a reason – it helps the buyer imagine themselves with the product, and helps them feel more comfortable with risking hard-earned money on the purchase.

We don’t expect you to have access to the content-making power of some of the big e-comm players, but there is still plenty you can be doing with what’s at hand to show off your T-shirt.


Adding photography of your (real) T-shirt on your campaign page is a great way to give potential buyers confidence about the look and feel of your tee. Grab a sample of your design before you launch your campaign and do your own simple photoshoot. This is a great way to help people visualise themselves wearing your design.

Don’t have a sample of your T-shirt? Nevermind, adding a full version of your design also helps people get a closer look at what they’re buying. Why not also upload some behind the scenes or work-in-progress images from the design process? It’s all about telling the story in as few words as possible.

Tip: I took some pictures of myself wearing the T-shirt and had two other people, a man and a woman, model it for me, creating different looks and showing various ways to wear it. I think this really gave people a better impression of how the T-shirt would look on them. – Freelance Illustrator Aiste Stancikate

Make your campaign page feel like home

As we’ve seen, people just want to get to know you – and what better way than to let them snoop around your social media profiles. More and more potential buyers are interested to know who they are buying from; they care deeply about understanding who they are supporting.

Thankfully it’s super easy to embed most of the major social media platforms to a campaign page, simply hit ‘Embed link’ when building your page, copy the link to a post and paste it into the field. This will automatically generate a link to your feed.

You can also upload a logo which gives your campaign that extra bit of kick, and helps build your brand with anyone visiting the page.

Looking for tips to promote your campaign page on social? Hit the links to go to our Instagram and Facebook promo guides.