Where should I be promoting my design?

To date, nearly 60% of all orders on campaigns created by our community have come from a social media platform of some kind. Compare this to the combined impact of word-of-mouth, email marketing and search engine traffic (40%), and you can see why it’s important to focus on social media as a promotional tool.

There are a million ways to approach promoting your campaigns on social, and choosing where to start depends entirely on your strengths; if you’re a YouTuber it obviously makes sense to focus your efforts there, and the same goes for designers who have been using their Instagram as a visual portfolio for years.

But, if you’re thinking of spreading your wings and looking for other places to promote, it’s worth keeping the following stats in mind.

% of orders on Everpress campaigns per social media platform:


Instagram: 45%

Facebook: 25%

Instagram Stories: 10%

Twitter: 8%

Other: 12%


This is not to say that you should ignore Twitter and Instagram Stories… Stories especially has been exploding in popularity: in 2017 it only generated 0.07% orders on campaigns, a whopping 10% increase from then until now, and it doesn’t look like Instagram is going to slow down pushing it.

Twitter is also a super-consistent way to promote your designs, and your work in general. Keep an eye on the likes of Bjenny Montero and Tillie Walden if you’re looking for some inspiration on how to do this well.

Ultimately, where and how you promote is up to you. It depends on where your community or interests lie, and how much time you have to shout about your commercial projects across multiple accounts at once. But, if you’re armed with the stats, you’ll at least have an idea of where to focus with limited resources at your disposal.