How to integrate with ecommerce platforms

If you have a Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, WordPress or Bandcamp site, it’s now possible to integrate your Everpress campaign and sell your merch products directly through these platforms.

This means you can sell to your customers directly through your own channels, while still benefitting from the efficiency and  environmental advantages that Everpress’s pre-order and print-on-demand drop-shipping services provides.

How it works

– The first step is to give us a heads up that you want to use our integration service.

Then, create your Everpress products as normal in the campaign builder or with your account manager.

– Once we’ve granted you access, you can connect your Everpress account through your Dashboard to any of our available third party platforms – currently Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, WordPress and Bandcamp, with more coming soon.

– Choose your live campaign and we’ll automatically generate those products onto your third party platform

– Your customers can buy your products through either your Everpress campaign page or your third party platform store. For off-platform sales you keep hold of all of the money for now.

– We’ll automatically track all of your sales and customer fulfilment details  and at the end of the campaign we produce and fulfil your orders to all customers as normal.

– We’ll then balance the payout you’re due from your Everpress sales with the cost-of-goods needed for your off-platform sales and either charge your saved card or pay out to your bank or Paypal accordingly.

– Finally your campaign will be automatically relaunched to ensure that all sales are smoothly tracked until you decide to stop selling that item.

Getting set up

We’re in the early days of rolling out this new feature and we’re onboarding our creators by request. 

You can do that by leaving your details via this form or contacting your account manager, if you have one.

We’ll do a bit of wizardry on our end and send you some nice and simple step-by-step instructions. You’ll then be able to get yourself connected to your platform of choice and start promoting your products.

We’ll be adding more platforms in the months to come too, starting with Spotify, YouTube, Etsy, Big Cartel and more, so even if your platform isn’t listed yet, let us know that you want in all the same.