What printing techniques do you offer?

Printing is done using one of two methods – the method that’s used depends on your design and on how many items you sell. 

DTG Printing

We use Direct to Garment (DTG) to print really short runs, giving everyone the opportunity to get their designs out there. DTG Printing is our number one option for full colour designs and intricately-detailed images. It works similarly to a desktop printer but with the fabric being used in place of paper, producing vibrant and full bodied colour.

Screen Printing

We use screen printing for larger runs, as the setup costs (the cost of making the screen) mean you need to sell more to cover this cost. However, screen printing has a distinct and well-recognised aesthetic, creating great quality and long-lasting designs. It’s better value for higher volume print runs and suited to artwork with limited  colours (1-3), and placements.

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