How many do I have to sell to get my design screen printed?

There’s no hard-and-fast rule for exactly how many products you need to sell from your campaign to reach what we call your ‘screen printing threshold.’ There are a lot of different factors involved; the number of colours in your design, the number of placements your design has, and the detail of the design all need to be factored in.

To meet the screen printing threshold, you need to have sold enough products to cover the setup costs of your design. Setup costs are everything included in the process of preparing your T-shirt for print, including the making of your ‘screen’. This process isn’t cheap, so the more complex the setup of your design (more colours and more placements means more screens need to be made) the more you will need to sell to hit this threshold.

To learn more about the screen printing process, head to our guide here.

Our price calculator is a brilliant tool that helps you get an estimate of how many you need to sell for your specific design before you hit your threshold. For example, you will see that a one colour, one front-placement design using the Everpress Essentials Classic Tee has a screen printing threshold of 20+ sales.

Generally, anything that is a photograph, or contains many colours, or is extremely detailed, is always printed using DTG as screen printing simply wouldn’t be possible. DTG is the best way to ensure quality with such detailed designs.