How to create a T-shirt promotion campaign


We’ve seen a lot of campaigns on Everpress, and it’ll probably come as no surprise that the most successful tend to really nail the promotion side of things. We’ve put together a load of resources on running the promo for your campaign, but with time a valuable commodity, we’ve broken down the key, actionable social media posts you should use to give yourself the best chance at gathering orders.

Step 1: The pre-launch teaser post

  • Get as much promo content ready as you can, so that you’re ready to hit the ground running when you launch. Head to our ‘preparing to launch’ section for tips on what kind of content to use and where to post it, but in short photoshoots, illustrations, mockups and videos are all great ways to showcase your designs
  • Tease your designs on social media to build an appetite and get your audience ready for your launch

Tip: “Order a sample of your tee! It’ll give you the chance to capture some snaps of it before launching, so you can show the fit and the print quality when you promote it on your channels.” Gaia, Everpress Brand Manager

Step 2: The launch post

  • Your launch post is super important. The key is making it as impactful and informative as possible. Make sure you’ve got an image that really shows your tee at it’s best, and includes full details on price, where to buy and anything else that’s relevant
  • Include the link to your campaign in your Instagram bio, your Facebook info or as a pinned tweet. It’s all about making it as accessible as possible on your chosen medium (or mediums)

Tip:If you’ve made a new graphic or illustration for your T-shirt, then gallery posts with your design as the first image and the mock-up as the secondary often work well for the launch. Nick Law, Creative Account Manager at Everpress

Step 3: The momentum post

  • Keeping the momentum going midway through your campaign is all about keeping content varied; use BTS photoshoot images, mockups, detailed close-ups, or photos of friends wearing your pieces. And remember, it’s quality over quantity, nailing it with one post is better than filling up the feed with average ones
  • Use Instagram and TikTok stories, they let you post continuously but only last 24 hours, so you won’t feel like you’re crowding your channel

Tip: “Posts which show a mockup of your T-shirt placed over the design are often the best performing, so make sure to use them. They show your artwork in more detail, and place it in context with the T-shirt visible alongside it.” – Matt Barnett, Music Account Manager at Everpress

Step 4: The countdown post

  • When your campaign has only 2-3 days left to go you should be taking advantage of urgency to maximise last-minute sales
  • Double down on the content that’s worked so far and use clear messaging “Last chance to buy!” “Campaign ending soon!” “48 hours – 24 hours – 1 hour left!”


Not exactly a post, but there’s still plenty you can do once your campaign ends to give yourself the best chance next time around, this includes:

  • Evaluating the highs and lows of your campaign will stand you in good stead for future runs. We cover this in full here, but essentially you want to look at what kind of promo led to sales, what didn’t, and whether your campaign length and margins worked for you
  • Keep any content fans post about the designs, it’ll come in handy for advertising in the future
  • Bear in mind that if you feel like you didn’t maximise last-minute buzz, or if you’re getting a lot of requests to buy post-campaign close, you have the option to relaunch whenever you want

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