Is your packaging sustainable?

As part of our wider five year sustainability roadmap we’re interrogating every aspect of what we do so we’re always on track to being the most sustainable version of Everpress, and this of course includes our packaging too. 

How did you choose the right packaging?

After months spent sourcing suppliers, and comparing the different merits of what’s out there, as of January 2021 we’ve transitioned to using the 100% Recycled Mailer bag produced by Grounded Packaging

When it came to sourcing our bags, one of the biggest factors for us was that they were made from recycled materials as well as being recyclable themselves. This means the bags are giving a second life to waste materials, especially important in the event that they don’t end up being recycled themselves. 

Grounded Packaging’s bags are made from 100% recycled materials:  industrially produced waste LDPE (that’s low-density polyethylene plastics, commonly used in everything from packaging, to bottles, to cabling). 

While we were initially very interested in sourcing compostable bags to use, our research revealed that these bags are still most likely to end up in the bin, rather than being composted. 

How do I dispose of my Everpress packaging? 

The bags are recyclable and this site lets you check exactly where you can recycle them in your local area, typically they will need to be taken to a supermarket or recycling centre.

Can I reuse my Everpress packaging too?

Printed with non-toxic inks, the bags are also designed with a double adhesive strip, so they’re super easy to reuse to return garments, or even to use yourself for posting something new.