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Everpress Sustainability 2.0

How we plan to take our sustainability journey to the next level. 


Since we launched back at the start of 2016, Everpress’ mission has been about providing an alternative. We believe that traditional retail is broken, and that’s why the community-focused, creator-led, zero waste pre-order model has been our cornerstone from the outset. 


Sustainability has always been high on our agenda, but from now we’re committing to a challenging sustainability roadmap that spans the next five years. This is about making sure we hold ourselves to account, and that we continue to push to do better. 


Our goal is to do everything in our power to be climate and water positive by 2025, meaning we put more renewable energy and clean water back into circulation than our supply chain consumes. We know this is ambitious, but we believe that this ambition is critical if we want to make meaningful change, and be a force for good, within our industry. 


Read Sustainability Roadmap here.

Everpress Team

Only by proactively driving ourselves to change do we feel comfortable using the word sustainability. We believe that action is the only way to work towards a more sustainable future, and in order to do that we need to look holistically at every part of our business, from our team, to our community, to our supply chain.

there’s so much more we can be doing.

You see Burberry burning £36.8M worth of unsold dead stock and it makes you scratch your head. How are companies getting away with this when we know just how damaging the fashion industry is for the planet? That said, I’m really excited for the next few years. A big focus for us is becoming more sustainable, in every way. The pre-order model had put us in a really good place already, but there’s so much more we can be doing.” – Alex Econs, Everpress Founder. 

That’s why, when it came to putting together our sustainability roadmap, we focused not just on creating a timeline to benchmark where we’re aiming to be, but on each area where we can have an impact too. Together, Environment, Community, Team, Governance, underline the attitude and standards of proactive transparency that we aim for. 

The roadmap is an ever-evolving work in progress. At present its goals include:

  • Phasing out non-ethical garment suppliers from our offering
  • Transferring to sustainable packaging by the end of this year 
  • Launching our own ethically produced T-shirt by Jan 2021
  • Achieving B-Corp accreditation by 2022
  • And finally, by 2025, we’ll become climate and water positive. 

But, as with everything we do, we’ll be constantly revising and looking for where we need to improve, to make sure we’re getting better. We’re always open to your insights and input on this too, so if you have any suggestions and tips on us meeting our goals, or anything you believe we should be doing that we aren’t, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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