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11 of Our Favourite Fundraiser T-shirts

Spotlighting some of the best charity or cause-focused T-shirt designs on Everpress.


A T-shirt charity fundraiser tends to serve two important purposes. Not only do they help raise vital funds, but they’ll spread a message too, bringing word of the cause to a new audience. As Amnesty put it when we spoke to them about their 2018 Rebellion campaign, “Wearing a T-shirt is a way of showing your support for a cause, and it’s also a chance to start a conversation with your mates.”


When it came to listing just some of our favourite charity T-shirt designs two things really stood out to us. The first was the sheer range of causes – from the NHS, to pro-choice activists, to wildife campaigns, to visibility for women’s football – we loved the scope of what our community is helping to support. The second was collaboration. We talk a lot about the value of collaboration, but a list that sees designers, artists, and creatives pair with all kinds of charities and organisations really speaks to the power of what it can achieve. 


From Kelsey Lu’s T-shirt for Bradley Pinkerton’s Australian Fire Relief capsule collection, to Moses Boyd’s ‘C.A.R.E’ design for our own 50/50 campaign with Justice4Grenfell, to Adam Tickle’s ‘Together’ tee for the NHS, here are just some of our favourites. 

Courtesy of Rosie Rackham


Why limit yourself to creating just one T-shirt? When the team behind A Change of Kit launched their campaign in celebration of 2019’s Women’s World Cup, they made a whole football kit of them. Enlisting the likes of Soft Power, Francesca Williams, Charlotte Ager and Karabo Poppy, all profits went to organisations fighting for equal representation for women’s football in London. As A Change of Kit put it when we spoke to them, “Individually, each shirt celebrates worldwide creative talent. As a kit, they champion team spirit, solidarity and unity under one goal – to rally support for some of the world’s top talent in football.”

Courtesy of Everpress, design by Minute Books

shado x Alliance For Choice x Natalie Byrne – Free Safe Legal Local

A platform that was set up to help drive change through the arts and spotlight the people pushing for progression in countries around the world, it’s hard to think of a better collaborator for Alliance For Choice than shado. Since 1996 Alliance For Choice has campaigned for free, safe and legal abortion access in Northern Ireland, and illusrator Natalie Byrne’s ‘Free Safe Legal Local’ design simultaneously celebrated the legacy of their protest, while carrying their message to a new audience too.

Courtesy of Everpress, design by Shado Mag

Trippin x Steve Grimes x International Medical Corps – Ascend

A travel media platform focused on connecting cultures worldwide, in the words of founder Kesang Ball, “community powers everything Trippin do.” Their Ascend T-shirt saw the platform join forces with graphic designer Steve Grimes for a T-shirt that addressed the Covid-19 crisis in more ways than one. On the medical front, 50% of profits went to International Medical Corps, while, in recognition of the work many freelancers have lost due to instability, the other 50% went to Steve. 

Courtesy of Trippin

Bradley Pinkerton – Australian Fire Relief Capsule

With a line up that included the likes of Kelsey Lu, The Crystal Beach and Molly Dyson, it would be impossible to pick a favourite design from this 16 T-shirt capsule collection. Curated by graphic designer and art director Bradley Pinkerton, all proceeds from the tees went to the Fire Relief for First Nations People and Wildlife Victoria.

Courtesy of Everpress, design by Kelsey Lu

EVERPRESS 50/50: Moses Boyd – C.A.R.E

Each year our 50/50 campaign sees 50 creatives design 50 T-shirts to help raise funds for a charity. All designs are created in response to one annual unifying theme, with 50% of the profits going to the charity, while the other 50% goes to the creative. Last year we partnered with Justice4Grenfell, a community-led organisation set up to advocate for the victims of the Grenfell disaster, and the chosen theme? Visibility. In the words of Yvette, Moyra and Nour, the Justice4Grenfell campaign leaders, “Wearing a T-shirt is a way of visibly demonstrating solidarity and support for those individuals and communities who are fighting for justice and challenging others to think on this too.” Every design was a knockout, but we think Moses Boyd’s ‘C.A.R.E’ T-shirt deserves a special mention. 

Courtesy of Everpress, design by Moses Boyd

Everpress x Adam Tickle – NHS Charities

A bit of an Everpress favourite, Adam Tickle was the brains behind ‘Utopia’ one of the standout tees from 2018’s 50:50 campaign with Amnesty International. This latest effort, in aid of the vital work the NHS are doing to help us get through the Covid-19 crisis, reprised the Utopia aesthetic for a new message; that of togetherness. When we caught up with him on ‘Utopia’ he had sage advice for anyone else starting out designing T-shirts, “Don’t think too much about it, make it pop on social media, ask a mate if they would wear it.”

Courtesy of Everpress, design by Adam Tickle


Designing a tee for charity can be a great opportunity for a collaboration. Nearly every T-shirt on this lineup is the product of at least two organisations, creatives, or you name it, teaming up to make a T-shirt in aid of a cause they believe in. There’s no rules when it comes to collabs, and in the case of intersectional feminist art collective The Titty Mag and Dutch illustrator and graphic designer Lotte Gielen, aka Studio Lotknot, it was a case of similarities attract. The resulting tee combined The Titty Mag’s message of female empowerment with Lotknot’s upbeat aesthetic, with 10% of proceeds going to the WHO too.

Courtesy of Everpress, design by Lotte Gielen and TittyMag


Claire Barrow first made her name as a cult fashion designer, but she’s since morphed into a multidisciplinary artist, with an esoteric, but always distinctive, output that spans illustrations, clothes, and installations too. She’s run two campaigns with us now, both in aid of East London charity NIA, who do invaluable work supporting women and girls suffering any form of male abuse. Her first, Archive Revisited, delved into her early fashion collections, while this one featured a digitally printed collage of the soft sculptures featured in the short film ‘Fury Road©; Slit’s Journey.’

Courtesy of Everpress, design by Claire Barrow


Last year’s World Menstrual Hygiene Day saw ActionAid launch their #MyBodyIsMine fundraising campaign with the aim of helping breaking the shame and stigma still attached to so many aspects of the female body. Working with four of today’s most notable female-focused artists, illustrators and fashion designers – Laura Callaghan, Clio Peppiatt, Patternity, Poppy Chancellor and Ruby Taylor – meant not only five brilliant designs, but that the charity could reach new audiences too.

Courtesy of Everpress, design by Laura Callaghan


For launching their T-shirt campaign to help raise funds for the refurb of their new Hope Foundry building, Music and Arts Production Charity Leeds enlisted the help of designer Rosie Rackham. When a charity pairs with a designer, as well as being able to harness their design expertise, one of the biggest benefits for both is the new exposure. As MAP put it when we spoke with them, “The campaign brought our mission, and Rosie’s work, to a whole new audience.”

Courtesy of Everpress, design by Rosie Rackham


“Our lives are wonderfully interwoven stories, even in isolation,” RTIIKA, or Rosa ter Kuile, wrote on Instagram, of her ‘Community’ design for Caring In Bristol. It’s a message that’s at the heart of what Caring In Bristol does – the charity aims to help fight homelessness, working towards a city that’s empowered to solve it. An added community touch came via the campaign photos, in which the T-shirts were modelled by Bristol Womxns Mural Collective.

Courtesy of Everpress, design by RTIIIKA and Caring in Bristol

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