Art & Culture — 7 days ago

Eating Art

In an era of dinner-as-content, Ecstasy Cookbook’s Jago Rackham delves into the history of cooking, eating and art. 

How to Get Your First Commission

We look at perhaps the biggest question for anyone starting out: how to get your first commission. For insights from Kyle Platts and Aistė Stancikaitė into everything from how much work you should be making, whether you need to compromise on style, and how to start building up contacts, read on.

Life — 2 months ago

Mya Mehmi On: Whatever The Fuck She Wants

Introducing Mya Mehmi’s very own chat show, Tea Time with Mya. Anarchic, intimate and kaleidoscopic in scope, Mya sits down with pillars of the trans community to chat about whatever the fuck she wants.

News — 3 months ago

Ten Years Of Principe

As the Lisbon-based label Príncipe celebrates a decade, we speak to co-founder José Moura.

Music — 6 months ago