Working 9 to 5…

As material conditions for artists get harder, Zsófia Paulikovics considers the relationship between making art and making money.

Life — 1 month ago

How to Get Your First Commission

We look at perhaps the biggest question for anyone starting out: how to get your first commission. For insights from Kyle Platts and Aistė Stancikaitė into everything from how much work you should be making, whether you need to compromise on style, and how to start building up contacts, read on.

Life — 4 months ago

Reflections On 2020

Brindha Kumar & Ross Aitken reflect on how they’ve managed a year of lockdowns, restrictions and change. 

Life — 2 years ago

How To Manage Your Money

Our How To series has seen us look at getting your first commission, handling creative compromise and working from home. This time round, María Medem, Noah Baker, and Nicholas Law tell us how they manage their money. 

Life — 3 years ago

How To Stay Happy and Healthy When Working From Home

We've previously looked at how to go about getting your first commission and how to handle creative compromise once you’ve started out, now we turn our focus to the ups and downs of working from home as a freelancer. 

Life — 3 years ago

How To Handle Creative Compromise

Having looked at how to go about getting your first commission, we now turn to a key question for anyone working regular freelance graphic design, illustration, or design jobs - how to avoid creative compromise.

Life — 3 years ago