Summer In Crisis

At the tail end of a summer of record temperatures and weather extremes, Sophie Benson considers the future of holidays. 

Art & Culture — 10 months ago

Imagining A Future

On the tail of another Earth Month, Sophie Benson considers how a crisis of imagination is effecting action on climate change. 

Art & Culture — 1 year ago

On Authenticity

Morna Fraser considers what it means to be ‘authentic’ as an artist today, with perspectives from Lucinda Chua, patten and Nalan Karacagil.

Art & Culture — 1 year ago

On Beginning

As a new January slips away, Morna Fraser investigates overcoming the fear of beginning. 

Art & Culture — 1 year ago

Working 9 to 5…

As material conditions for artists get harder, Zsófia Paulikovics considers the relationship between making art and making money.

Life — 2 years ago

How to Get Your First Commission

We look at perhaps the biggest question for anyone starting out: how to get your first commission. For insights from Kyle Platts and Aistė Stancikaitė into everything from how much work you should be making, whether you need to compromise on style, and how to start building up contacts, read on.

Life — 2 years ago