Eating Art

In an era of dinner-as-content, Ecstasy Cookbook’s Jago Rackham delves into the history of cooking, eating and art. 

Art & Culture — 2 weeks ago

Introducing Our 2022 Artists To Watch

With Ben Zerbo, Claire Milbrath, Grace Kao, Job Wouters, Meech Boakye, Romina Malta, Tynan Collins, Inessa Dobbelaere, Jordi Ng, Muddycap, Chinaza Agbor, Enikő Katalin Eged, Firpal Jawanda, Hayley Dawn Muir and Manyaku Mashilo.

Art & Culture — 9 months ago

On A Deadline

Rachel Denti, Zenon Records’ Tim Larner, Will Richards AKA ILLWOOKIE and Adam Stewart, of Green Man Festival share their thoughts on deadlines. 

Art & Culture — 10 months ago

Notes On Type

All things typography with Rachel Denti, Cihan Tamti, Tré Seals, Ricardo Ferraro and the teams behind Blaze Type and Swiss Typefaces. 

Art & Culture — 1 year ago

14 Visual Artists to Watch in 2021

The artists to look out for in 2021.  Even without a pandemic, January is never the easiest month. What’s getting us through though, is thinking about what we’ve got to look forward to, and get excited about, in the year ahead. Having compiled a list of the artists on our radar for last year, we’re revisiting  who we're watching for 2021. 

Art & Culture — 2 years ago

Process: Dohee Kwon

For Dohee Kwon, travel and music are the driving inspirations for all her work. Currently based in Seoul, Korea the up-and-coming illustrator is hyper-fluid in her medium, with her work appearing on zines, mirrors, tour posters, T-shirts, and even Vans shoes. 

Art & Culture — 2 years ago