Everpress Meets: Designing For Music

Our talk series Everpress Meets sees us invite creatives to HQ to discuss their work. This time round, we sat down with Patrick Savile, Ben Arfur and Teti Martinez to talk designing for music.

News — 2 months ago

Everpress Takeover: Barcelona

To mark the launch of our Barcelona Takeover, we spoke to four of the city's creatives – Carla Gal, Kim Van Vuuren, Ezequiel Pini, of contemporary design studio Six N. Five, and Jor Ros – to find out what makes Barcelona unique.

News — 4 months ago

Process: Alexandra Cook

Alexandra Cook takes inspiration from Kawaii culture, street style and nostalgia for her eclectic range of illustrations, jewellery and more. We caught up with her in her flat/studio for a chat about her influences, inspiration, and toy collection.

News — 4 months ago

Why Fashion Can’t Stop Envisioning The Future

From London-based Xander Zhou's Twilight Zone-inspired AW collection to Marinne Serre's examinations of a post-apolocalyptic future in Paris, Morna Fraser looks at how fashion's most compelling emerging designers are putting the future at the foreground of their work.

News — 4 months ago

A Change of Kit: WWC2019

The brainchild of Amy Tibbles, Adam-Morton Delaney, Charlie Jeffries and Scarlett Chetwin, A Change of Kit is the initiative launched to celebrate the 2019 Women’s World Cup.

News — 8 months ago

Process: Joy Miessi

We discuss the books, paintings and poetry that influence Joy’s creative process as they release their first curated collection of T-shirts featuring Liam Cobb, Joey Yu, Olivia Twist, Hannah Hill, Catherine Morton-Abuah, Ines J, NoiamReiss and Megan Bell Lucki.

News — 10 months ago

Process: HEY Studio

Ahead of International Women's Day, HEY Studio's founder and creative director, Verònica Fuerte talks us through her creative process.

Insights — 12 months ago

Tormentalism: Kom Tillbaka’s Visual Art Explained

To be unique in a world that's saturated with amazing visuals is no easy feat. Somehow, though, Swedish visual artist Kom Tillbaka has found a way to navigate the world of graphic and visual art with seeming ease - maintaining a unique flavour from day one.

Insights — 2 years ago

Joy Miessi On Making Wearable Art

We sat down with Joy, on the eve of her first solo-exhibition, with a keen interest in understanding how she approached the brief, and in finding out what tips she has for other young artists.

Insights — 2 years ago

50/50: Everpress x Amnesty International

“There has never been a more important time to speak up for freedom of expression” says Kerry Moscogiuri, Campaigns and Communications Director at Amnesty International.

News — 2 years ago

Introducing 50/50

50 Incredible designers, 50 limited edition T-shirts, raising money for UK charity Trekstock.

News — 3 years ago