Mya Mehmi On: Whatever The Fuck She Wants

Introducing Mya Mehmi’s very own chat show, Tea Time with Mya. Anarchic, intimate and kaleidoscopic in scope, Mya sits down with pillars of the trans community to chat about whatever the fuck she wants.

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We've back with the most exciting new graphic T-shirt designers for 2022. With designers from four continents, covering some of the most forward-thinking cities in the world: New York, Berlin, Lagos, London, Chicago, and Los Angeles to name but a few. 

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Parallel Is Back

We’re celebrating the long-awaited return of nightlife with two live shows for Parallel.

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Re-Press: Spring 2021 Edition

Getting to revisit some of our design highlights for 2020’s inaugural Re-Press collection was a joy, so we couldn’t wait to do it again for this Spring iteration.

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Introducing: Local Business

We caught up with DEYA Brewery, Carbo Wines and Stuffed about our new Local Business shop collection. They shared their thoughts on everything from launching a business in lockdown, to how merch can be a lifeline, to why small businesses are so important. 

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Creating A Neighbourhood With Radio Alhara

Broadcast out of Ramallah, Bethlehem and Amman, Radio Alhara is a space for connection, bringing a Middle Eastern sensibility to a global audience. Founded by Elias Anastas and his brother Yousef, along with Yazan Khalili, Saeed Jaber and Mothanna Hussein, though the online station only launched in March last year, it’s already amassed a cult following for its kaleidoscopic curation and esoteric approach. 

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Sustainability in Practice: Packaging

Our search for more sustainable packaging Offering a sustainable alternative to mainstream fashion and retail systems has been one of our biggest priorities since we launched back in 2016. Last year we stepped up our commitment too, outlining a rigorous five year roadmap that will see us become climate and water positive by 2025. 

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Process: DimSum Records

Only three years since it launched, DimSum Records has quickly made a name for itself on the UKG scene and beyond.  Drawing on founder Lennox Kwan’s Hong Kong heritage, as well as a kaleidoscopic range of references, the label has built up a following for its chaotic, versatile visuals as much for the music it puts out.  To mark their third anniversary, and the release of their International Dumplings T-shirt, we caught up with Lennox to chat how DimSum got its name, why collaboration is important and the value of digging.

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14 Visual Artists to Watch in 2021

The artists to look out for in 2021.  Even without a pandemic, January is never the easiest month. What’s getting us through though, is thinking about what we’ve got to look forward to, and get excited about, in the year ahead. Having compiled a list of the artists on our radar for last year, we’re revisiting  who we're watching for 2021. 

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Process: Dohee Kwon

For Dohee Kwon, travel and music are the driving inspirations for all her work. Currently based in Seoul, Korea the up-and-coming illustrator is hyper-fluid in her medium, with her work appearing on zines, mirrors, tour posters, T-shirts, and even Vans shoes. 

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Process: Rio Sipos

Rio Sipos, aka i am baby king, is as well known for their distinctive hand poke tattoos as they are for cofounding queer Berlin tattoo collective Fantasy along with six of their friends. Made up of Rio, Yeda, Rozita, Anny, Theo, Coco, and Aron, Fantasy was born out of the crew’s dissatisfaction with Berlin’s conventional tattoo studios.

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Reflections On 2020

Brindha Kumar & Ross Aitken reflect on how they’ve managed a year of lockdowns, restrictions and change. 

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Our 20 Favourite T-shirt Designs Of 2020

It’s fair to say that 2020 didn’t turn out how anybody expected it. As December draws in we look back on the designs that emerged in an unprecedented year that saw a global pandemic, as well as political reckonings around the world too. 

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Bridging The Gap With WAVLNGTH

To mark the WAVLNGTH collection, we spoke to Aneesha and Lovedeep, who also worked on the project, about the WAVLNGTH mission, the Indian music scene, and collaborating with like-minded people. 

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Living Your Art With Dean George

To close off our series we speak to Dean George, whose output spans creative direction, film direction and photography, with a client list that includes Nike, Adidas, Stone Island, Matches Fashion and Puma.

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Looking To Your Community With Olivia Twist

Overlooked narratives and the mundane are key themes running through Olivia’s work, and this aesthetic extends to her wider approach too. She’s determined to make the arts heritage institutions and arts education more accessible and representative of their local communities. Here she shares her insights on everything from starting out as a creative, to building confidence, to the value of peer feedback.

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