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Introducing: Community Broadcast

This week we launch Community Broadcast, a new series to help inspire, motivate and connect our community through these times of isolation. 


We’re asking Everpress favourites old and new to take us into their homes and studios for an ongoing content takeover across our Instagram Stories, The Block and more. 


In the time that we’re apart it’s more important than ever to stay connected, in any way that we can. Community Broadcast is a multifaceted way of documenting the shifts in how our community members are working, providing insights into their creative process, and helping us keep together. 


Due to the nature of the series, the roster of names involved will be constantly expanding, but already we’re excited about the people helping us kick things off. From Berlin-based tattoo artist Julim Rosa’s insight into her process and improvised kitchen studio, to an insight into Sophy Hollington‘s work. 

Everpress Team

Community Broadcast is part of our response to the COVID-19 crisis, which has hit many in the creative industries particularly hard. “We are so lucky to be working with a global community of incredibly talented creatives, musicians and grassroots organisations from every field, and it hurts to see how the events of the past few weeks are affecting them,” says Gaia De Siena, our Social Media and Community Manager

We felt this was our time to give more support

These have been challenging times of rapid change, and though it can be tough to stay creative, positive and inspired, we’re forever impressed by the resilience and resourcefulness of our community. We want to offer our support however we can.

“Our platform already operates as an additional income stream for many, but we felt this was our time to give more support, and help them shine,” Gaia continues. “We want Community Broadcast to operate as a community-run platform; by opening up our channels and offering them to our community we hope to see their message amplified and delivered as far and wide as possible. A global network of creativity, inspiration and collaboration during these challenging times.”

So far participating names include:

Sophy Hollington, Superimpose, Sophie Koko Gate, Julim Rosa, Alex Jenkins, Sara Andreasson, Jess Cochrane,, Curated by Girls, GCASFM, Takari, No Bad Days, Pacific Rhythm, 3024 x Jeroen, Kalahari Oyster Cult, Jasmine Lasode, Marco Oggian, Emma Allegretti.

Everpress Team
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