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Covid-19: Preparing To Do Things Differently

In the midst of the unprecedented current crisis, an update for the Everpress community 


As the current crisis continues to unfold, at Everpress we feel fortunate to be in a position to help many who have been affected, by providing a source of income to the artists, designers, creatives, musicians, record labels, venues and grassroots nonprofit organisations that we’ve worked alongside for so long.


For the past three weeks, our team have been rallying; pulling out all stops to make sure we can continue to do what we do. 


Currently, we are still able to fulfill and ship all our orders, and we’ll continue doing this for as long as possible in the current environment. But we wanted to update all our community, buyers and sellers alike, on some of the challenges we are facing and may face in the coming weeks, and the steps we’re taking to prepare for these obstacles.

Everpress Team

Our people

Our priority remains the health and well-being of our team, fulfilment partners and our community. It goes without saying that we’re respecting every government guideline, and following all new advice closely. 

Our partners and supply chain

We face a tricky few weeks ahead. Our garment suppliers, printers and delivery partners are bound by the same challenges facing everyone at this time. Already our total production capacity has been halved, and although we still have the capacity to print thousands of items each week, we are preparing for further limitations in the coming days and weeks.

We are seeing some of our major garment suppliers suspending work until the situation stabilises. As a result, we will need to get creative, finding alternative garment options for our creators. Your patience and flexibility would be hugely appreciated here.

Finally, we’re experiencing delivery delays to countries with extra restrictions, including Italy and Spain. Understandable at a time like this, we expect further delays as the scenario unfolds but will keep you posted.  

The Coming Weeks

We ask for your continued patience through this period of global difficulty. It bears repeating that any T-shirt you buy during this period has a value that goes far beyond its price-tag. If ever there was a time for people to get behind independent creatives trying to shake things up, it’s now.

For our creators

  • If push comes to shove, we plan to extend the pre-order period to a minimum of 8 weeks, allowing us more time to get our supply chain back on track
  • You’ll be able to continue to crowdfund orders on your Everpress campaigns as normal
  • You’ll get paid your profits at regular intervals throughout the 8 week period, to ensure campaign profits can be put to use
  • Buyers will be asked for patience and to understand that any purchase made throughout this period should be valued far-beyond the price-tag. If ever there was a time for consumers to get behind independents trying to shake things up, it’s now

We’re constantly monitoring this situation, and will continue to keep you posted on any updates and changes as it continues. There is no playbook for navigating a situation like this, and we thank you for bearing with us through it.

Everpress Team
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Everpress Team