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Brexit and Covid-19: An Update

An update for the Everpress community on the impact of Brexit & Covid-19 on deliveries and customs charges.    At Everpress we’re proud to have built a global community, with a network of creators and customers that stretches from our base in East London to Europe and beyond.   With the new year now ushering in Brexit, we’re working hard to make sure this stays the case, and to keep our platform open to all our community. As part of this we’ll be doing our utmost to ensure there are as few changes to orders and deliveries as possible, and we’ll be running constant updates to keep you in the loop too.    Read on for the latest update.


For Our Customers

None of our customers, either in the U.K. or in the E.U., will have any new custom charges added to their order. So there will be no extra costs to any order you place with us.

We’ll be doing our best to manage this on our side, but as things don’t always go perfectly to plan, in the event that you do get a customs charge added to your order we promise to refund you the amount in full. Just reach out to our Community Support Team with your order details and the amount you were charged and we’ll get it sorted. 

Shipping costs will remain the same too, these can be found here

Although all deliveries will be going ahead as normal without any added costs, there are some delays expected due to the demands the ongoing Covid-19 crisis has placed on postal services worldwide. 

For Our Creators 

We’re ensuring that no new customs charges will be passed on to customers in the U.K. or E.U. This means all our creators can continue to create tees for their whole audience, with the peace of mind that no extra costs will apply.

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