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Fashion’s Favourites From 50/50

With just a few days remaining of 50/50, we’ve heard a lot of you still can’t decide which designs to snap up. So we’ve enlisted the help of three of the biggest thought leaders in the fashion industry: Christopher Shannon, Ed Davis and Henry Holland. Between them, these guys have a fucking amazing archive of t-shirt designs and have set the bar sky-high with their iconic garments over the years.

everpress team

They’ve each picked out their three favourite 50/50 designs, so take note and hit up the 50/50 page to score yourself a limited edition tee before it’s too late. All campaigns end 11:59pm GMT on 19th March, and don’t forget 50% proceeds go to UK youth cancer charity, Trekstock.

Christopher Shannon

There’s an immense amount of skill in being able to turn the monotonous every day into something desirable, but 8 years on from his first collection of re-worked shell suits and sports pieces inspired by Northern market stalls, menswear designer Christopher Shannon shows no sign of slowing when it comes to reinventing the norm.

We particularly loved his capsule collection for Buffalo Zine that launched this January. “Hot Merch” cleverly twisted the slogans of Coca-Cola and Lilt as a sarcastic take on the language of advertising and mass consumption. Shannon picks his favourite 50/50 designs below.

“Always a fan of a downer so Jim Stoten get’s my pick”

“I like Tim Head’s design because it’s simple, and a bit creepy”

“I’d buy Jim O’Raw’s tee, I love a ciggie on a t-shirt”

Ed Davis

Brain Dead, Kilroy Tee AW15
Brain Dead, Kilroy Tee AW15
Brain Dead, AW15
Brain Dead, AW15

Taking inspiration from DIY underground culture and translating that into graphic t-shirts that adorn hangers in the likes of Goodhood and Dover St. Market, Brain Dead are arguably the frontrunners in a saturated industry of streetwear brands. Co-founder Ed Davis, is no stranger to Everpress either and has just launched his 10th campaign with us under the alias Ratbrain. We couldn’t think of anyone more suited to pick out their three favourite 50/50 tees.

Colophon Foundry’s choice of font is great. Maybe they’ll send it to me for giving them a shout-out?”

“I know Tim Head and like owning t-shirts from people I know”.

“I also know Trevor Jackson, I loved the Format Project that he did. I’d buy his 50/50 design as I’m such a sucker for good merch”.

Henry Holland

House Of Holland, Fashion Groupie 10th Anniversary
House Of Holland, Fashion Groupie 10th Anniversary
House of Holland for Umbro
House of Holland for Umbro

King of t-shirts, Henry’s brand House Of Holland first burst onto the scene in 2006 with his 80’s inspired Fashion Groupie collection – bright and witty slogan tee’s which propositioned fellow designers. It was impossible to miss his 10th anniversary runway show last year, which saw an army of models stomping down the runway in t-shirts that stated “I’m yours for a tenner, Kendall Jenner” and “Lets breed Bella Hadid” to name just a couple. We were excited to check in with him and pick his brains about the 50/50 collection.

“As you may know I’m not adverse to a typographic tee design. I’m into this one by Le Gun. The bold, monochromatic design and the distressed lettering make it feel new and original”.

“I like Weirdo Clan’s tee, the two-sided print reminds me of the Fat Willy’s surf tees that I used to wear as a kid. I’ve got a mate called Weirdo too, so I might buy this one as a present”.

“As I said, I’m a fan of a good slogan tee and I love the sentiment of Lucinda Ireland’s design. I also like the base colour – it really sets off my eyes!”.

Shop Christopher, Ed and Henry’s 50/50 selections here, but be quick they’re only available until 11:59pm GMT on 19th March.

Feeling inspired? Upload your t-shirt design here to launch a campaign today.