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Meet the Artists: May

Fresh off the back of the huge success of 50/50, we have returned with a whole host of incredible tees from some of the biggest artists and designers around the globe. Except, this time, they’re here to stay. Well, sort of – let us explain.

everpress team
patrick saville

We were so buzzed by the next level designs and amazing feedback that 50/50 received that we decided to curate a brand new, limited edition collection of tees from a fresh batch of designers. Only this time, we’re going to be dropping new and exclusive designs week after week after week.

Each tee will be available to order for just 3 weeks before being printed and posted out to all of you lovely lot. We’ve got some huge names in the mix as well as supporting some sick up and coming independent creatives too.

Tees by Ruby Taylor and Kyle Platts

Meet some of our favourite creatives currently featured on the site to get the scoop on their tee and what else they’re working on at the moment:

Patrick Savile

We’re big fans of Patrick’s trippy sci-fi inspired work and are stoked to count him among this month’s lineup of featured artists. When asked about the story behind his tee design he explained: “I wanted a message that could mean different things to different people, and this design seemed to speak a universal message. It could be a positive message or it could be negative – it all depends how you look at it.”

Looking to the future, Patrick nodded to fellow artists Rosie Lee Wilson and Cristina Daura as some designers he’s currently following, whom he would love to partner with for an exclusive tee design (Rosie or Cristina, if you’re reading this hit us up!). “It would be sick to work with Brain Dead as well – I know they are so hot right now, but I feel a creative bond with their stuff.”

If you’re keen to immerse yourself in Savile’s work, check out his current exhibition at Jaguar Shoes in Shoreditch, which is on until the end of the month.

Shop Patrick Savile’s limited edition tee here.

Marylou Faure

Freelance illustrator, art director and self confessed “big cat” lover Marylou Faure created a wickedly wild tiger for her Everpress design: “I wanted it to be bold and graphic with an element of quirkiness to it.”

She notes twin sisters Agathe and Lorraine Sorlet as her favourite illustrators right now: “Their illustrations are amazing and they seem to like drawing female characters as much as I do. It would be so fun to collaborate with them.”

Keep an eye out for Marylou’s work popping up this year for London Gay Pride, Look Mate and Brookblock.

You can snap up her exclusive t-shirt here.

Elliot Kruszynski

If you’re a fan of tiny faces on things (and who isn’t?!) then Elliot Kruszynski’s work should most definitely be on your radar. Elliot told us that he wanted his Everpress design to be something fun that he would wear himself. “I tried to make a unisex design. It just features normal things that I like to draw – cats, birds and some good words.”

Continuing his venture of putting pen to paper to create friendly illustrations, Elliot is currently working on some ideas for a childrens’ book. “It might be about a load of baby animals getting delivered to the wrong house, keep your eyes peeled!.”

Cop Elliot’s limited edition t-shirt here.


Christie Morgan, a.k.a teachesofpeaches has been busy working on a whole host of various projects of late with her pal, designer and art director, Chrissie Abbott. From a collaborative zine (Reality vs Virtual Reality) to an animation for Standard Vision which will be broadcast on a giant LED screen in downtown LA for a whole month, and now, a limited edition tee for Everpress. “Designing t-shirts is a nice way to work on something tangible for once. I think Everpress is a great way for artists to express their work on a platform that they may not be traditionally used to.”

Christie’s tee was inspired by her obsession with space “I wanted to feel like the shapes were floating in space and used different textures on the shapes to represent different atmospheres and terrains! I chose the pink tee because I feel that colour best represents my aesthetic, but I went for something different with the mono print. I’m really trying to push boundaries this year.”

Bag a teachesofpeaches tee here.

Tim Lahan

US based Tim submitted his tee design to us inspired by “a series of abstract line studies. I thought one would fit perfect onto the surface area of a shirt. A hand-in-glove sort of thing.”

Recently, he has just wrapped up a VR project with Google, and has been working on other “odd things” as he describes them: “I have an artist book coming out with Nieves in a couple of months and I’ve just finished a comic book for a marijuana dispensary.”

Get your hands on Tim Lahan’s t-shirt here.

You can shop the latest live campaigns including Patrick, Marylou, Elliot, Christie and Tim’s designs over on our shop page but don’t hang about – they’re only available for a couple of weeks.

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