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Our 31 favourite T-shirt designs of 2018

Highlighting some of the best T-shirt designs made and sold on Everpress in 2018.


While end of year lists can be frought with danger, we believe they’re a worthwhile exercise. Not only a chance to reflect, they’re a way of distilling the creative essence of the outputs we admire.


With so many top-drawer T-shirts designs created and sold on our platform in 2018, you’ll have to forgive us for only mentioning 31 designs. However, after weeks of arm wrestling at HQ, we’ve been able to arrive at a list of T-shirt designs that we think deserve a pat on the back.


The criteria? There isn’t really any; the following is simply a curated selection of designs that we love, from some amazing talent spanning illustration, design, art, music, charity and fashion.

Everpress Team
Image courtesy of Eugene Angelo

Naive Trax – Naive

Naive Trax have released some incredible T-shirts alongside their records this year. The original tee gets a re-press in time for Christmas.

Naive Trax 'Naive' T-shirt
Naive Trax ‘Naive’ T-shirt

Aistė Stancikaitė – House in Tarumi

Aistė Stancikaitė smashed this one out of the park; the combo of striking colour and geometric design combine to make the T-shirt pop off the screen.

Aistė Stancikaitė 'House In Tarumi' T-shirt
Aistė Stancikaitė ‘House In Tarumi’ T-shirt

Jacob Wise – Gabber Chamber Music Season

If a mixture of classical and gabber sounds anything like it looks, we’re in.

Jacob Wise 'Gabber Chamber Music' T-shirt
Jacob Wise ‘Gabber Chamber Music’ T-shirt

Helena Covell – Bad Egg

Out of date and out too late – one for all the neighbourhood bad eggs.

helena covell bad egg t shirt
Helena Covell ‘Bad Egg’ long sleeve T-shirt

Jimbo Bones – Desolation

Jimbo Bones’ Desolation tee has officially hit cult status at Everpress HQ. Any talk of a ‘re-launch’ is met with rapturous applause and smiling faces.

jimbo bones desolation t shirt
Jimbo Bones ‘Desolation’ long sleeve T-shirt

Bill Connors – Split

Bill Connors aka Physical Medium has been relentlessly dropping fire tees all year. It was tricky picking a favourite but we’ve gone for the Black Metal influenced ‘Split’.

bill connors split physical medium t shirt
Bill Connors / Physical Medium ‘Split’ long sleeve T-shirt

Charlotte Mei – Toroko National Park Souvenir Tee

Earlier in the year London based artist Charlotte Mei graced our platform with the presence of her ‘Souvenir Tee‘; it pays homage to Taiwan’s Taroko National Park. 

Charlotte Mei 'Toroko National Park Souvenir Tee'
Charlotte Mei ‘Toroko National Park Souvenir Tee’

Charlie Bones – Do!!You!! (Pink)

Charlie Bones of NTS / Do!!You!! fame is, and always will be, an EVERPRESS favourite. His classic banana tee actually launched in 2017, but we’re sneaking it in ‘cos technically the pink long-sleever is new to 2018, and just look at it.

charlie bones do!!you!! t shirt
Charlie Bones / Do!!You!!

Fruit Stickers – Original Stickers

Cult Instagram archive Fruit Stickers launched five variation tees in 2018 and nearly broke the internet in the process. One the all-time best sellers on our platform; great colours, great story, very nice all round.

fruit stickers mandarin t shirt
Fruit Stickers ‘Mandarin’ long sleeve T-shirt

Allergy Season – Allergy Season

Physical Therapy’s record label did big things earlier this year, teaming up with Discwoman to curate a compilation in aid of the Brooklyn Community Bail Fund. Show your support.

Allergy Season logo T-shirt
Allergy Season logo T-shirt

Keynes Woods – The Future’s Past

This recent drop by rising hip-hop talent Keynes Woods shows everyone that music merch can be more than album artwork on a tee; the artist has enlised a posse of creative talent to execute a full campaign, art directed and photographed by Eugene Angelo. The lines are blurring between music artists and brands, and if the output is something like this, then we’re on board.

Keynes Woods 'The Future's Past' (black) T-shirt
Keynes Woods ‘The Future’s Past’ (black) T-shirt

Worldwide FM x On The Corner Records

Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide FM dropped their logo tee earlier in the year but blew our minds more recently with their collab tee with On The Corner records. Designed by the label’s art director Victoria Topping – the design features signature OTC bright colours, geometric shapes and cultural iconography.

worldwide fm x on the corner records
Worldwide FM x On The Corner Records

Jackson Green – En Prinsipyo

Fast-rising graphic designer Jackson Green has dropped some quality tees with us in 2018, and En Prinsipyo is the best of them. He just landed a position at Mad Decent and is definitely one to watch in 2019.

Jackson Green 'En Prinsipyo' T-shirt
Jackson Green ‘En Prinsipyo’ T-shirt

Ben Arfur – It’s Nicer Without You

Highly sought after designer, Ben Arfur, delivered this three-print beauty back in October – back now for a limited time.

ben arfur it's nicer with out you t shirt
Ben Arfur ‘It’s Nicer Without You’ long sleeve T-shirt

Huntleys & Palmers

Welcome to Block Univers. Party maker and record label Huntleys + Palmers dropped this long-sleeve stunner with an accompanying download; genius.

huntleys & palmers t shirt
Huntleys and Palmers ‘Block Univers’ long sleeve T-shirt

Dan Woodger – Hazy Days II

Hazy Days Season II was born of a road trip through the rocky mountains, with Dan Woodger sucessuflly bringing all his playful, coulourful style to bear on this light-hearted, summer certified number.

Dan Woodger 'Hazy Days II' T-shirt
Dan Woodger ‘Hazy Days II’ T-shirt

Sophy Hollington – Darkness

Originally created for Migrant Journal, Sophy Hollington’s silver on black print was too beautiful not to extend to another medium. Old mate moon can’t believe what he’s seeing.

sophy hollington darkness
Sophy Hollington ‘Darkness’ long sleeve T-shirt

Shana Sadeghi-Ray – Untitled

We’ve seen some innovative long sleeves dropping these autumn and winter months but none more so than Shana Sadeghi-Ray’s ode to ball ‘n’ chains.

Shana Sadeghi-Ray Untitled

Lucas Hesse – Try & Error

Typography is back, with the discipline finding a welcome home across countless T-shirt fronts in 2018. German designer Lucas Hesse shows what happens when you combine a great colour palette with strong type.

Lucas Hesse 'Try and Error' T-shirt
Lucas Hesse ‘Try and Error’ T-shirt

Isabell Altmaier – Untitled

Isabell Altmaier is leading the charge for an army of great illustrators dropping regular T-shirt designs on our platform – showing that it doesn’t need to be a dark, graphic heavy print to look good.

Isabell Altmaier Untitled
Isabell Altmaier Untitled

Kelly Anna – Le Sport

Beyonce, Cara Delevingne, Foals, and London Grammar are some of those to rock Kelly Anna’s bold and colourful prints in recent years – fancy adding your name to the list?

Kelly Anna 'Le Sport' T-shirt
Kelly Anna ‘Le Sport’ T-shirt

Claudia Chanhoi – Be Spam

“Sexual being or sex object?” Claudia Chanhoi asked the question via her pop-tinged ‘B-Spam’ design earlier this year. A great example of design and fashion as a medium for discussion.

Claudia Chanhoi 'Be Spam' T-shirt
Claudia Chanhoi ‘Be Spam’ T-shirt

WellWishers88 – WW88/ETHER

We’ve had our eyes on graphic flyer don @WellWishers88 for a while now; the designer has a proven ability to build entire worlds on a 2d poster format and thankfully was willing to translate this to a T-shirt. His WW88/Ether88 tee was a screen printed thing of beauty.

Wellwishers88 'WW88/ETHER' T-shirt
Wellwishers88 ‘WW88/ETHER’ T-shirt

DJ Boring – Date Night Tour T-shirt

DJ Boring continues a strong trend of electornic producers makers blurring lines between good design aesthetic and music, which his ‘Date Night’ tour tee, designed by Paul Hempstead, can attest. 

DJ Boring 'Late Night Date Tour' T-shirt
DJ Boring ‘Late Night Date Tour’ T-shirt

IAMDDB – Tour Tee

Tour merch, done well.

IAMDDB 'Tour' T-shirt
IAMDDB ‘Tour’ T-shirt

Oscar Henderson-Pennington – I hear it in my ghosts

Phlo dropped a couple of great designs this year, with this particular design leading the way. Always good to shine a light on the creatives making things happen while still in the early stages of building their brand.

Phlo 'I Hear it in My Ghosts' T-shirt
Phlo ‘I Hear it in My Ghosts’ T-shirt

Mall Grab – Baby MG

Why wouldn’t you want a T-shirt with a young Mall Grab on?! The explosive house producer and DJ reminded us all that music merch sells if it resonates with the fans.

Thomas Slater – Powered By Plants

Whatever your diet there’s no denying this gem from illustrator Thomas Slater.

thomas slater eat your greens t shirt
Thomas Slater ‘Eat Your Greens’ long sleeve T-shirt

Lucie Corbasson – Untitled

London-based illustrator Lucie Corbasson is new to clothing design, but dropped this absolute belter first up. A geometric mindf*%k of the best kind.

Lucie Corbasson 'Untitled' T-Shirt
Lucie Corbasson ‘Untitled’ T-Shirt

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