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News — 7 years ago

Music to Work to: Amber Vittoria

Amber Vittoria is an illustrator living and working in New York. Although still relatively young, she’s already worked with clients such as adidas, Teen Vogue and The New Yorker, as well as being recognised with the Young Guns 15 award. In short, Amber is definitely someone you should know of. We picked her brains about what she’s been listening to while she works and packaged it up real nice-like for this year’s first Music to Work to.



Tell us about your work.

My work focuses on femininity and the female form, leveraging physical traits such as body hair, overtly extended limbs, and rounded features. My pieces are first colored digitally, then they are printed on thin paper by a laser jet printer to achieve an aged texture. Many include printer errors, and embrace the fragility of the digital to physical translation. I then apply all linework by hand via brush pens and scan the final piece back onto the computer.

Amber Vittoria, 2017.

How do you use music to help you work?

Music has always been important when I create; it can give me the energy I need when I’m feeling sluggish, and it can sooth me when I have a bit too much excitement for a project.

Sum up your playlist in one sentence.

It’s constantly growing. As I learn about new music, I add and rearrange my playlist, allowing it to breathe and evolve with time.

Amber Vittoria, 2017.

What vibe have you gone for?

This playlist is a healthy mix of pop, indie, and rap. Currently it is a bit more pop, as my productivity tends to increase when I’m listening to that genre.

Are you a headphones or speakers listener?

When I’m working at home, speakers. When I’m working at a cafe, headphones. I feel that my fellow cafe-workers wouldn’t be too keen on me listening to music on speakers.

What’s your favorite track within this playlist?

Currently, “Tadow” by FKJ/Masego. I just saw FKJ live and I play this on repeat

Amber Vittoria, 2017.