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Music to Work to: Niallycat

December’s Music to Work To playlist is curated by Niall Williams Gordon aka Niallycat. We caught up with the fine art student turned illustrator to discuss his tune selection.



How do you use music to help you work?

Music helps me focus. I like to zone out a bit, so I tend to rotate a lot of the same stuff. It means I don’t have to skip or change tracks which stops me getting distracted.

Niallycat, 2016
Niallycat, 2016

Sum up your playlist in one sentence.

What’s the bit before Part-B?

What vibe have you gone for?

Bit of a mixture, it’s a good selection of songs I’ve added to a mental playlist of go to songs I always listen to. I should probably have just made an actual playlist myself by now…But I’m being more organised so this is a start.

Niallycat, 2016
Niallycat, 2016

Are you a headphones or speakers listener?

Speakers. I get claustrophobic in headphones when I’m inside, it’s weird.

What’s your favourite track within this playlist?

I’ll say Sober – Mahalia she’s 18 and from Leicester where I’m from and is the most incredible singer. She sang it for Colors Berlin which you can find on YouTube and last time I checked it was on 2.5m views which is mad but she’s done a lot for how young she is so check her out.

Niallycat, 2017
Niallycat, 2017

Grab Niallycat’s limited edition tee here and make sure to follow our playlist on Spotify to keep up to date every month. We’ll be back in the new year with another playlist of bangers for your 9-5.