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Introducing 50/50

We’re super excited to announce 50/50, our collaboration with 50 of the most influential and emerging artists from around the world. The result? 50 bespoke, limited edition t-shirts available for just 4 weeks with 50% of proceeds going directly to Trekstock, a UK charity dedicated to ensuring that no young adult has to face cancer alone.

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So, make yourself a drink, get comfy and scroll down for a full rundown all 50 of the fantastic designers that have come on board:


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12—B is an independent Graphic Design and Risograph studio based in London, founded in 2015 by Josh Epstein-Richards and William Lyall.

Buy 12-B’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Alec Doherty

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As well as being the label designer for Partizan Brewing. The London based illustrator and designer also counts Red Bull Music Academy, New York Times and Nokia as clients.

Buy Alec Doherty’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Andy Martin

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Originally from Sheffield but now based in London, Andy Martin has been creating character lead animations since 2001. Using both 2D and stop motion animation techniques, Andy’s work is filled with humour and a musical sensibility which he applies to commercial projects as well as self initiated shorts.

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Beyond Exact

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Is a creative studio with a distinct focus on conceptual solutions, with work that spans branding, creative direction, design, fashion print design for clothing, books, packaging and exhibition design.

Buy Beyond Exact’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Cachete Jack

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The hand drawn work of Spanish duo Cachetejack takes a fresh and unique style working in a variety of mediums, from books to magazines, clothing to painting they have a quirkiness to everything they produce.

Buy Cachete Jack’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Colophon Foundry

Established in 2009, award-winning Colophon Foundry have been responsible for creating custom typefaces for the likes of Rapha, Grey Goose and G.F Smith to name a few. They are based in both London and Los Angeles.

Buy Colophon Foundry’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Daniel David Freeman

Daniel is a London based artist and designer whose illustrations have secured commissions from Adidas, You Must Create and Vice to name just a few.

Buy Daniel David Freeman’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Daniel Freytag

Daniel creates bespoke identity systems, editorial design and photographic art-direction for a wide and international group of clients, agencies, magazines and brands.

Delivered By Post

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Independent, London-based design agency working collaboratively with clients to achieve clear and intelligent design solutions for identity, print, online and publishing applications. Previous clients include Brick Magazine, Farah and Bethnals.

Buy Delivered By Post’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Duane Dalton

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Dalton is a graphic designer and artist from Dublin, Ireland now working in London at Socio Design. His work has a minimal and reductive aesthetic which is also celebrated on his blog, Back To Basics.

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Buy Edition Of 100’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Emma Fisher

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A London based graphic designer and illustrator who uses the practice of screen print to translate her digital work to paper and home textiles. Emma’s work has secured her an award from YCN as well as collaborations with the likes of Secret 7” and MTV.

Buy Emma Fisher’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Fudge Graphics

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Luxembourg-born, London-residing Franz Jeitz is a freelance graphic designer and the founder of Fudge Graphics – a website jammed full of free tutorials, inspiration and downloadable typefaces and vectors for the design community.

Buy Fudge Graphics’ limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

H.Y.T. Studio

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H.Y.T. is an illustration and graphic design studio, creating bold, striking, often conceptual graphics and illustrations. They’ve applied their broad skillset for projects with Lazy Oaf, Cuervo and Sagermeister & Walsh to name just a few.

Buy H.Y.T. Studio’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.


Heretic is a London based illustration, design and experimental screen printing studio comprising of Luke Frost, Jon Rundall and Therese Vandling. Their extensive portfolio spans work for Tim Burgess & Peter Gordon, Posterzine and Red Bull.

Buy Heretic’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Hey Studio

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Founded in 2007 in Barcelona, Spain. Hey is a graphic design studio specialising in brand identity, editorial design and illustration for the likes of PayPal, Monocle and San Miguel. They also launched an online store in 2014 which celebrates their passion for typography, illustration and bold graphics.

Buy Hey Studio’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Jim O’Raw

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Jim O’Raw is a screen print artist working in between London and Birmingham where he is a member of Birmingham Printmakers Studio. He works closely with ‘People of Print’ and specialises in CMYK process printing using fluorescent inks and glow in the dark pigments.

Buy Jim O’Raw’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Jim Stoten

As well as lecturing illustration at the University Of Brighton, Jim’s work ranges from music, moving image and illustration for major clients such as New York Times and Glastonbury.

Buy Jim Stoten’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Jon Cefai

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Jon is the founder and creative director of visual communication agency Collaborate.

Buy Jon Cefai’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Josh McKenna

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Josh McKenna is a freelance illustrator specialising in print, packaging and advertising who can count brands such as Converse, Refinery29 and GQ as previous clients. We also featured Josh on our blog in January, read the full article here.

Buy Josh McKenna’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Karan Singh

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Karan’s work bold and vibrant work is a playful interpretation of minimalism particularly focusing on depth and dimension through pattern and repetition. His work has enabled him to set up base in a number of cities, commissioning work over a variety of disciplines ranging from art for IBM, animations for the band OK Go, textiles for Heineken and a typeface for The Designers Foundry.

Buy Karan Singh’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Killer Acid

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Killer Acid is a publishing imprint based in New York City. Created by artist Rob Corradetti in 2009, they specialise in head shop and punk rock inspired screen prints, paintings, t-shirts, comic books, and psychedelic ephemera.

Buy Killer Acid’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Kyle Platts

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London based artist Kyle Platts uses comic abstraction and a sardonic wit to distil motifs of the present day, working in 2D, 3D and animation. His work takes influence from the absurdity of the world we inhabit, taking visual cues from popular culture and manipulating them with a playful irreverence to the subject.

Buy Kyle Platts’ limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

La Boca

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London based La Boca is an independent design studio specialising in illustration and image-making since 2002. They have worked with a wide spectrum of international clients like Google, Sony and Ray-Ban, on projects ranging from limited edition vinyl record sleeves through to full-scale campaigns that touch just about every type of media.

Buy La Boca’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Le Gun

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Established in 2004, art collective LE GUN create idiosyncratic imagery which blends a punk, occult, pop and surrealist aesthetic. As well as being the producers of their cult self-titled magazine, the group is internationally recognised for their enigmatic installations and art shows.

Buy Le Gun’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Lucinda Ireland

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Lucinda Ireland’s illustrative typography have seen her produce pieces for a variety of clients including Esquire, Women’s Health, Philips. She also loves working on a large scale, in the form of spray painting.

Buy Lucinda Ireland’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Marcus Oakley

Marcus Oakley is an Edinburgh based graphic artist “intrigued by the potential of the line and connecting one line with another”.

Buy Marcus Oakley’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Mr Phomer

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Mr Phomer is a London based designer, working for the last few years on projects for music, skateboard and independent brands as well as big name labels such as Carhartt, Adidas, and Beams JP.

Buy Mr Phomer’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.


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Mucho’s ethos is to go from insight to ideas to design that connects. To craft things with intelligence, sensitivity and precision.They work collaboratively with their clients, and with each other to produce intelligent, effective design that makes a lasting impression.

Buy Mucho’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Our Place

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Our Place is an independent graphic design studio based in London founded by Ted Heffernan and Alex Gross, built on the foundation of a mutual love of simplicity within contemporary design. They specialise in branding, typography, editorial and digital projects that always look to push the boundaries of current design.

Buy Our Place’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Parallel Teeth

Parallel Teeth is the alias of Robert Wallace; Director, animator and graphic artist. Originally from New Zealand, he now works and lives in East London.
His playful style spans poppy live action, hypnotic 2D animation, puppetry, and colourful illustration. He’s worked across a range of media, including music videos, commercials, festival identities, album artwork, installation projections, 360 videos, wall murals and prints.

Buy Parallel Teeth’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Paul Camo

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Paul Camo Roberts is an independent graphic designer who has been specialising in illustrative typography and image manipulation for over 15 years.
Paul designs for both large companies and independent brands, and his clients include Warner Music, The O2, Sony, Carling, Slamminkicks, Plastic People, Werk Discs and most recently MIC Records.

Buy Paul Camo’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Paul Kelly

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Paul is an airbrush artist whose work aims to add a surreal twist to everyday objects. His work has been featured in collaborations with Edwin, tour posters for Django Django and window decals for The Great Frog London.

Buy Paul Kelly’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Paul Sethi

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Paul manages to combine his passions for design, music and publishing by simultaneously being Head of Creative for Deliveroo, Musical Director of his agency, LDN Selective and founder and Editor-in-Chief of his high-end culture journal, Special Request.

Buy Paul Sethi’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Sam Taylor

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Sam Taylor is an illustrator based in London. Drawing from the lumpy, brash aesthetic found in classic cartoons, he merges critical and satirical subjects in his own distinctive style. Precision draftsmanship, an evolving cast of characters and carefully considered colour schemes dominate Sam’s work.

Buy Sam Taylor’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Saskia Pomeroy

Saskia is a multidisciplinary artist working within print, drawing, painting, sculpture and textiles. Her bright and colourful work explores the relationships within compositions of colour, texture and shapes, sometimes abstract, sometimes observational. She frequently uses contrasting finishes, colour overlays and technical detail as an additional dimension to her print work.

Buy Saskia Pomeroy’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Sawdust Studio

Jonathan Quainton and Rob Gonzalez of Sawdust Studio both specialist in bespoke and innovative typography, brand display typefaces, visual identities and image-creation for clients including; Wired, Esquire and Coca-Cola.

Buy Sawdust Studio’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Studio BLUP

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Studio BLUP are a London based, multidisciplinary design agency who believe in the power of design to help grow and build brands. Previous clients include Cadburys, Nike and Hugo Boss.

Buy Studio BLUP’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Studio Moross

Studio Moross have created, art directed, designed, filmed and rebranded a whole host of music based clientele. Working with the most cutting-edge illustrators and artists, the Studio Moross approach is to create instantly recognisable and totally unforgettable art direction, print, packaging, moving image and branding to “make the world look fresher, better and more alive”.

Buy Studio Moross’ limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.


A post shared by supermundane (@supermundane) on

Supermundane is an artist, graphic designer, typographer, illustrator and writer. His practice is defined by a distinctive use of colour, line and simplicity which can be seen through all his different disciplines from typeface design to his personal works. He has produced work for the likes of Apple, *Wallpaper and the V&A to name just a few.

Buy Supermundane’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Test Pressing

Founded in October 2008 by Paul Byrne a.k.a Apiento. Test Pressing was a website that originally posted tracks and mixes across the genres that loosely fitted into the “Balearic” genre, but has slowly developed with reviews, articles, video and interviews and music across the board. It also looks at the designs of record sleeves, fanzines and the like.

Buy Test Pressing’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Thomas Hedger

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Thomas’s eye catching work has been featured in various publications around the world such as The Guardian and The New York Times. Thomas was also listed as one of the Top 25 illustrators of 2016 by It’s Nice That

Buy Thomas Hedger’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Thomas Slater

Thomas Slater is a freelance illustrator and artist based in south London. He has worked for the New York Times, Bloomberg and Vice Magazine amongst others.

Buy Thomas Slater’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Tim Easley

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Tim is a self taught designer, illustrator and photographer from London, who works with hand drawn lettering, bright colours and bold lines across a variety of mediums – predominantly creating design and artwork for freelance projects and prints. His illustrations have been featured in a number of publications internationally, as well as being sold and exhibited worldwide. Read our interview with Tim here.

Buy Tim Easley’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Tim Head

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Tim Head (b.1980) is a multimedia London based artist. His personal art has been exhibited in venues such as Somerset House and the Saatchi gallery, whilst his design work has been commissioned by clients such as Nike, Carhartt, NTS, Ace Hotel, Patron tequila, Converse and many more.

Buy Tim Head’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Trevor Jackson

Trevor Jackson is a designer, art director and producer who combines his expertise within audio and visual culture to design record sleeves and remix music.

Buy Trevor Jackson’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Two Times Elliott

Two Times Elliott is a London based design consultancy, producing a diverse range of work spanning across identity, art direction, spatial and web design.

Buy Two Times Elliott’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.


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London based design studio that combines their expertise in branding, animation and digital with the more traditional practices of illustration, sign-painting and typography to create creates beautiful art & design delivered across multiple platforms.

Buy UTILE’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Village Green

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Village Green are a creative agency who use their expertise within graphic design, image making, creative strategy, branding, art direction and digital design to create engaging visual ideas for a wide range of clients such as BFI, Sky and Universal Music.

Buy Village Green’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

Weirdo Clan

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East London based Weirdo Clan draw inspiration from American iconic imagery, pop culture, 90s brands & skate culture and translate this into designs that they print by hand in-house.

Buy Weirdo Clan’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

What Katie Drew

Katie creates delicate pencil drawings, translating her daydreams into beautiful art.

Buy What Katie Drew’s limited edition 50/50 t-shirt here.

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