How To Stay Sane When Working From Home

We've previously looked at how to go about getting your first commission and how to handle creative compromise once you’ve started out, now we turn our focus to the ups and downs of working from home as a freelancer. 

Insights — 3 months ago

Visibility with Trippin’s Kesang Ball

Starting out as a Facebook group that evolved into, first an app, then a media platform, in every guise Trippin has served as a community for young creatives bonded by their love of travel. Ahead of our 50/50 project, we hit up with one third of the trio, Kesang, to talk about the journey to launching Trippin’, inclusivity, and visibility. 

Interviews — 3 months ago

How To Handle Creative Compromise

Having looked at how to go about getting your first commission, we now turn to a key question for anyone working regular freelance graphic design, illustration, or design jobs - how to avoid creative compromise.

Insights — 4 months ago

7 Sustainable Fashion Brands You Should Know in 2019

As recently as ten, or even five, years ago, the phrase ‘sustainable clothing brands’ would have conjured up images of faded T-shirts and baggy hemp trousers. Sustainability was still a niche consideration in fashion, and few mainstream designers were making it a priority. 

Inspiration — 4 months ago

10 Typographers Making Waves in 2019

Whether you’re on the hunt for a potential collaborator, or simply looking for inspiration, we’ve rounded up some of the artists turning heads with their typography art, prints and tees in 2019.

Insights — 4 months ago

How to Get Your First Commission

We look at perhaps the biggest question for anyone starting out: how to get your first commission. For insights from Kyle Platts and Aistė Stancikaitė into everything from how much work you should be making, whether you need to compromise on style, and how to start building up contacts, read on.

Insights — 5 months ago

The Rise of Esoteric Symbolism in Fashion

From tarot reading’s newest incarnation as hobby, to the rise of the astrology meme and the phenomena that is Stranger Things, we can’t be the only ones to notice that culture’s taken a distinctly supernatural turn in recent years.

Insights — 5 months ago

Ana Brankovic’s Hyperlocal Design Ethos

Bosnia and Hercegowina born, Basel-based and raised digital native Ana Brankovic on learning by making mistakes, why her immediate surroundings inspire her, and the worst advice she's been given.

Interviews — 6 months ago

Process: Jay Daniel Wright

Illustrator Jay Wright has carved out an enviable career while staying true to his style and roots. We caught up with him in his studio for a chat about his influences, inspiration, and plant collection.

Insights — 6 months ago

A Change of Kit: WWC2019

The brainchild of Amy Tibbles, Adam-Morton Delaney, Charlie Jeffries and Scarlett Chetwin, A Change of Kit is the initiative launched to celebrate the 2019 Women’s World Cup.

News — 6 months ago

Process: Joy Miessi

We discuss the books, paintings and poetry that influence Joy’s creative process as they release their first curated collection of T-shirts featuring Liam Cobb, Joey Yu, Olivia Twist, Hannah Hill, Catherine Morton-Abuah, Ines J, NoiamReiss and Megan Bell Lucki.

News — 8 months ago

Charlotte Chauvin: Illustrating the 5 Senses

After responding to our "5 Senses" brief with her first collection of T-shirts, we spoke to French illustrator Charlotte Chauvin to discuss how her intimate drawings became an exploration of love, relationships, erotica, distance and solitude.

Interviews — 8 months ago

Our 20 favourite T-shirt designs: Winter

Having reviewed 2018 through a list of 31 of our favourite designs featuring established names like Ben Arfur, Jacob Wise and Joy Miessi (alongside a bright bunch of talented newcomers), we now cast our eye to a fresh selection of 20 designs that launched on our platform in the first quarter of 2019.

Inspiration — 8 months ago