Documenting Notting Hill Carnival With Ian Watts

Photographer Ian Watts has been documenting Notting Hill Carnival since the '70s. We caught up with him for his insights into his own beginnings with Notting Hill Carnival, the difficulties of carnival’s media portrayal, and what the celebration means to him.

Interviews — 10 months ago

Designing For A Better Future With Humana

Design studio Humana's 'Future Print Club' project aims to focus the power of collaboration on building a better future. We caught up with him to chat design ethos, collaboration, and why T-shirts were the best medium for their message.

Interviews — 11 months ago

Starting From Nothing With Matouš Marťák

Art director and graphic designer Matouš Marťák's Allergic Club T-shirt aimed to turn his coeliac diagnosis into something positive. We caught up with him to chat inspiration, defying expectations and how selling T-shirts helped pay his rent.

News — 12 months ago

11 of Our Favourite Fundraiser T-shirts

A T-shirt charity fundraiser tends to serve two important purposes. Not only do they help raise vital funds, but they’ll spread a message too, bringing word of the cause to a new audience. Here we list 11 of our favourite charity T-shirt designs. Highlighting some of the best charity T-shirt designs made and sold on Everpress so far.

Inspiration — 1 year ago

Do You Need Social Media?

We're delving into the value of a social media presence, and how to create one on your terms. Alison Rachel, Anna Ginsburg and Michael Wilkin share their insights.

Insights — 1 year ago

PROCESS: Julim Rosa

We caught up with tattoo artist Julim Rosa for a chat about her new at home studio, inspiration and Mexican Lotería cards.

News — 1 year ago

COVID-19 Updates

EVERPRESS is continuing to operate as normal but there are delivery delays and suspensions in place for certain territories. Orders from locations where delivery suspensions are in place will be held for delivery when shipping resumes.

News — 1 year ago

Introducing: Community Broadcast

This week we launch Community Broadcast, a new series to help inspire, motivate and connect our community through these times of isolation. 

News — 1 year ago

Covid-19: Preparing To Do Things Differently

An update for all our community, buyers and sellers alike, on some of the challenges we are facing in the coming weeks, and the steps we're taking to prepare for these obstacles.

News — 1 year ago

Everpress Meets: Type in Focus

Our talk series Everpress Meets sees us invite creatives to HQ to discuss their work. This time round, we sat down with Anthony Burrill, Amber Weaver and Fraser Muggeridge to talk typography.

Insights — 1 year ago

Spotlight: Indonesia

We've noticed Everpress has taken off in Indonesia, so we spoke to Lazar Ghul, Roovie, Arindra Prakoso and Lutfi Ardiansyah to find out what makes the country unique.

Insights — 1 year ago

Process: Travis Kane

We caught up with designer Travis Kane, one of our Type In Focus line-up, for a chat about his influences, inspiration and L.A. street signs.

Inspiration — 1 year ago

Introducing: Type In Focus

Type in Focus is our celebration of type, with 40 limited edition T-shirts designed in response to the theme EMOTION. 

News — 1 year ago