How do I get paid?


Once your campaign is successful and reaches its end date, we take the production costs from the total sales proceeds, then all the remaining balance goes to you as profit. All you need to do is add your payment details via your dashboard, and we will pay your profits into the nominated account on the Friday after the campaign has finished.

Here’s a quick guide to adding payment details via your dashboard.

Info we need:

  1. Payout method
  2. Payout currency
  3. VAT registration number if you have one

Payment methods

  1. Paypal: this is the default method for everyone, as it’s the most efficient and only requires your email address.
  2. Bank transfer: if you’re located in the UK we offer an option to be paid using bank transfer. Simply fill in the appropriate details. Currently, we’re not able to offer bank transfer outside of the UK.
paypal payment everpress payment methods bank transfer

Choosing payout currency

We’re able to pay you in either British Pounds, US Dollars, or Euros. The field below labelled “Campaign currency” is the default currency in which your campaigns will display in the campaign builder – and this option has no impact on your payouts.

payout currency

Important: are you VAT registered?

Taxes are a necessary evil, so we’ll keep this to a minimum. If you’re VAT registered, enter your VAT Number so that we can split out your transactions in any invoices.

Payouts are identical between individuals who are and aren’t VAT registered – however, we’ll need to split your invoice between VAT and profits depending on which tax status you are. Please note that everyone is responsible for their own individual tax situation, but we’ll do our best to help where possible if you have any additional questions on this.


When do you get paid?

We transfer your payouts on a by-campaign basis, and we send payments in the week that your orders are shipped. If you are having any trouble with payment please feel free to contact our team by emailing