VAT guidelines

To help make it as smooth as possible for you to get up and running (and paid), Everpress has a self-billing arrangement with you as part of our Terms and Conditions. Depending on whether or not you’re VAT registered, we have different processes for handling payment of VAT.  

Our process for converting the revenue made on sales into the profit that gets paid out to you follows a three step timeline:

  1. Your sales revenue is collected
  2. You pay the production costs to Everpress
  3. You are paid the remaining funds, or profit

If you are VAT registered:

Firstly, be sure to add your VAT number to your account, as otherwise we will assume you are not registered

If you are VAT registered then the VAT is collected and paid depending upon your location and where your customers are based. The amount will vary according to the rules of each country, but we’ll work all of this out for you so you don’t need to worry.


Once we have paid out your profit at the end of the campaign, you can request an invoice detailing all of the transactions and the amounts, to make it easy for you to keep track. We follow EU rules which stipulate that both the seller’s invoice and Everpress’s are subsumed into one.

The invoice will clearly show you:

  • Who has paid VAT and who hasn’t
  • Total revenue collected
  • VAT collected from the revenue
  • Total production costs paid
  • VAT paid from the production costs
  • Your total payout

For an idea of VAT costs, if you’re VAT registered in the UK:

  • UK buyers are charged a rate of 20%
  • EEA buyers are charged under EU reverse charge rules
  • Rest of World buyers – not applicable

In the UK you must pay HMRC the VAT collected from the sales revenue. But you can also claim back VAT from HMRC for paying the production costs.

If you are not VAT registered:

No VAT is charged to customers, but VAT is still paid on production costs, this will be charged at UK rates.