How easy is it to run an Everpress campaign?

When you run a campaign with Everpress, the only two stages that you’ll need to manage are:

  1. Designing your T-shirt
  2. Promoting your design

We take care of everything else. Once you’ve uploaded your design, it takes just minutes until you’re launched and your URL is ready to share. Then we handle printing, production, website maintenance, customer service, fulfilment, and refunds, which leaves you totally free to focus on creating great tees and getting the word out about them.

We’ve had graphic designers, illustrators, musicians, content creators, radio stations, emerging brands and charities all sell T-shirts through Everpress, and we’ve been collecting their insights, as well as some of our own, for our creator toolkit. Here you’ll find tips on every aspect of your campaign:

Plus, we’re always here to advise on garments, campaign duration, price, and anything else you’re struggling with.