Learning through collaboration with Reza Hasni

Born in Singapore and based in Berlin, designer Reza Hasni’s works are contemporary depictions of our world and its unseen energies. One of our 2021 Everpress x Highpass designers, patterns of sacred geometry make up the core of Reza’s designs, mixed freely with  90’s Internet pop, club culture and Asian spiritualism. With the ultimate aim of spreading positivity and togetherness, Reza has collaborated with creatives across the fields of music, installations, augmented reality and fashion in Europe and Asia, creating immersive worlds brought alive through interactive disciplines. He told us how working with Everpress helped him expand his creative network and build his confidence through creative collaboration.


When you’re just starting out, approaching other creators with (what can feel like) a smaller portfolio can seem nerve-wrecking, which is why cutting your teeth on your first campaign with us can serve as a good starting point. “[Working with Everpress] has certainly opened up doors for collaboration,” says Reza. “The pull of the creative community is super wide and there is something for everyone. My network has grown tremendously which I am grateful for.”


Like the other day to day processes that make up the work of an artist – such as researching, honing your technique and learning new tools – maintaining creative connections, and having the confidence to get your work out there and approach others takes practice. [Running campaigns on Everpress] has certainly boosted my confidence to find like minded people to collaborate with,” says Reza. “And it has helped me to gain more project work from other cool brands around the globe.”


“[Working with others] exposed me to many influences that allowed me to have fun and experiment with different sorts of designs, while maintaining my personal style,” Reza says. For his 2021 Everpress x Highpass campaign Reza worked with art director Josh Magee, a collaborative project he cites as one of his favourites. “Using less colour brought me out of my comfort zone, but with some guidance I learnt how to make designs work on T-shirts, and still be me.”

Plus, every creative collaboration provides useful lessons and real-life learning curves that will come in handy on future projects. “Another one of my favourite projects was one I did with the musician Yuksek and Spec:records,” says Reza. “They gave me a theme to work with but let my creative flow run free, and I actually used techniques I learnt from the Everpress x Highpass campaign during this collaboration.”

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