How You Profit


As part of our mission to keep costs and payment as straightforward as possible so you can design your own clothes, we’ve put together our guide to pricing. Here we explain everything from how you make your profit, what we mean when we say ‘cost price’, and how much you should be selling T-shirts for.

Price & Profit

Put simply, the profit you make on a T-shirt sale will be the difference between the cost price (of producing the T-shirt) and the retail price (the price you decide to sell your T-shirt at). In order to make it as easy as possible for you to work out which price to go for, we’ve created our price calculator, a tool that lets you calculate how much profit you’ll make at different price points, with different types of artwork and garments.

All you need to do is enter the type of garment you’d like to use, the number of colours in your artwork (remember, each colour requires it’s own individual screen when screen-printing), your sale/retail price, and how many pieces you hope to sell. From here the calculator will give you a guide to how much you’ll make. 

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How much?

There’s no right or wrong price to sell your T-shirts at, but there are a couple of things you can take into account that’ll help guide you.

The price calculator will give you a minimum sales price, what you’d need to charge to cover costs and make a small profit. You can use this as a lowest benchmark, so you’ll definitely know at what point your T-shirt is profitable.

Having a scan through our shop should help give you a rough idea of what other similar tees are selling for. As a (very) general rule, the higher the sales price the fewer you’ll sell, and vice versa, so consider whether you want to sell many for a lower price, or fewer for a high price.

In terms of margins, it’s also worth paying attention to what your T-shirts will cost to produce. There are a couple of factors that come into play here:

  • Type of garment – we offer a range of T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies at different price points, from as little as £4.495 up to £20. You can check out the full range on offer here.
  • Artwork Colours – If your design lends itself to screen-printing (fewer colours), and you reach your screen print threshold (at least 20 depending on the complexity of your design), then the more colours you use in your design, the more expensive your tees will be.
  • Number of Placements – similarly, if you have more artwork placements, eg if you opt for a design that spans front and back, then your tees will cost more to produce.
  • DTG vs Screen Printing – for a deep dive into the differences between the two print methods, head here, but in short screen printing tends to be cheaper for larger print runs, and DTG for smaller.
  • Number of T-shirts That You Sell – And finally, printing benefits from ‘scale’, so the more you sell, the less it costs to produce each item, and the higher your margin will be.

How your profit scales

To give you an idea of how your profit scales as your total sales increase, we’ve prepared a breakdown below. For this one we’ve used a plain white Essentials Classics T-shirt with just one artwork on the front, selling at £25.

  • If you sell 10 = £99.16 profit (per T-shirt = £9.92)
  • If you sell 20 = £238.64 profit (per T-shirt = £11.93)
  • If you sell 50 = £657.80 profit (per T-shirt = £13.16)
  • If you sell 100 = £1,351.60 profit (per T-shirt = £13.52)

Our Costs

We cover all costs of printing, production, website maintenance, customer service, fulfilment and refunds, and we take this cost from the sales proceeds, the remaining balance will go to you in full as profit. 

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