3 key promo tips for when your campaign ends


We handle all T-shirt production, delivery, customer service and returns, so when your campaign ends the only thing left for you to think about how it went and tidy things up from a promo perspective. We’ve broken this ‘post-campaign’ promo phase into three keys steps:

  • Thanking Your Audience
  • Sharing Tagged Photos
  • Thinking About Relaunch

In terms of measuring how you did, it’s always worth remembering that the success of your campaign isn’t judged by numbers alone. Regardless of however many tees you sold, there’s plenty of benefits to running a pre-order campaign; from expanding your audience, to showing your work on a new medium, to collaborating with other creatives.

Step 1: Thanking Your Audience


Thanking your audience is a nice idea when planning to launch campaigns regularly. It gives you the opportunity to let your followers know the campaign has closed and to show your gratitude to everyone who’s bought your designs. Plus, you can let anyone who missed their chance this time know that you’ll be running similar campaigns in the future.

You can roll this into one post: “Campaign has now officially closed! Thanks to everyone who bought and supported the tees!” Or have it as part of a story that you keep alive at the top of your feed.

Step 2: Sharing Tagged Photos


Once your tees start arriving with their owners, it’s likely they’ll tag you in photos of them wearing them. Be sure to keep and share any pics, not only are they a great opportunity to engage with your audience, but they’ll help build up fomo for your next campaign for anyone who missed out. The photos will make great promo for any future campaigns too; think of them as readymade photoshoots.

David Vujanic created a whole Instagram account for pics of people wearing their pieces. You don’t need to go this far (unless you want to of course!) but it’s worth at least posting a couple – we used a gallery post for some of our favourites.

Step 3: Think About Relaunch


Your campaign page will remain live even after your campaign has closed. This means that people can still view your design, and anyone that missed out can use the ‘relaunch request’ feature to register their interest. We use this to collect their emails for you, and once you hit 10 requests we’ll get in touch to let you know.

This should give you a good idea of whether there’s an appetite for relaunching your campaign, and if you decide there is then all you need to do is hit the ‘relaunch campaign’ button on your page. Definitely consider this too if you get a load of messages right after your campaign closes from people who missed out on buying.

And even if you don’t want to run the same campaign again, if you launch a new campaign it’s likely anyone who missed out will want a new chance to buy your designs, so it’s worth reaching out to let them know.

For the full lowdown on how to use the lessons from your first campaign for an even more successful second one, head here.