6 reasons why your brand should be selling T-shirts

6 reasons to sell custom t-shirts online as a brand

If you’re on the lookout for new ways to market your brand, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more effective solution than the T-shirt. A tee travels as far as the person wearing it, allowing your work to reach new people in interesting and unexpected ways, over and over again. Visually interesting, emotionally impactful and long-lasting, T-shirts are a no-brainer next-step for anyone looking to up their branding game. Here are 6 reasons why you should already be doing it.

1. Turn your audience into walking, talking brand ambassadors

T-shirts offer a unique advertising opportunity. They engage consumers, existing customers and potential buyers in ways that traditional marketing can’t. Eye-catching tees spark conversation, spreading your brand’s reach in an organic and totally un-salesy way. People are generally very willing to advocate for brands they believe in, and a tee is the perfect way to leverage this opportunity.

2. T-shirts are the perfect canvas for visual graphic designs

A custom T-shirt is an opportunity to flex your creative muscles, pushing the limits of your brand messaging in ways that may not be possible with traditional media. A well-designed custom T-shirt helps craft a recognisable aesthetic that people will want to associate with, and better yet, if the quality is amazing, they’ll keep coming back for more.

3. Connect with your audience in a unique way

Selling branded tees gives customers a new and critically, physical, way to interact with your brand. With so much competition for consumers’ attention, producing tangible, reusable goods is a great way to cut through the noise and form a positive relationship with your fans. The long-term exposure offered by branded T-shirts can also powerfully reinforce your brand’s relevance to your audience. Building brand affinity takes time and multiple impressions – what better way to achieve this than literally putting clothes on your customer’s back?

4. Merchandise makes collaboration easy

There are hundreds of design collaborations on Everpress at any moment, and this happens for a reason. Clothing is a unique opportunity to collaborate with your favourite designers and brands, compounding the power of your respective audiences and marketing channels. Done well, collaboration merchandise is invariably popular with customers, new and old.

everpress 5050 t-shirt collaboration

5. Create and grow a unique revenue stream

Graphic artist and Everpress user Anthony Burrill explains this one best:

“It’s about expanding the different things you can do as an independent illustrator and artist. It’s developing your ideas and testing them out and seeing how people respond to them – I think that’s really useful as well.”

With no upfront costs, selling with Everpress is a great way to dip your toe in the water. Our revenue calculation tools and customer analytics allow you to see exactly how much you’ll earn, what’s working and who’s buying – so you can make what people want, and sell more of it. Once you’re making products that people want to buy, you’ve embarked on a journey that many brands and creators never start. You’re now in a position to keep experimenting, improving and broadening your merchandise horizons. And who knows where that’ll lead.

6. Build hype and momentum

The key to any successful business, building hype around your brand is crucial to growth. Cultivating an element of exclusivity and rarity, like selling your tees in a limited-time campaign, is a surefire way to maintain the appeal of your designs and create buzz. All Everpress T-shirts are sold as limited-run, so luckily for you, this part’s already baked in. The increasing popularity of ‘merch drops’ among musicians, brands and influencers alike demonstrates their power as a momentum-building tool, and one that’s particularly effective for releasing multiple designs as a collection.

In a world of short-sighted marketing stunts and intrusive advertising, T-shirts are perhaps the most enduring and versatile forms of merchandise we own, and selling a high-quality, well-designed tee could be just the boost your brand needs to grow.

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