What file type should my artwork be?

Files should be uploaded to the campaign builder in the .PNG format, however, keep in mind that there are some limitations on the size of files you can upload.

It’s helpful to think of the artwork you upload to the campaign builder as being used mainly for the digital representation of your T-shirt (or mock-up) i.e what you see on your final campaign page. Because massive files can take forever to upload, we cap the maximum upload-able file size to 10mb.

When your campaign is successful, you will receive an email from our production team asking for the full resolution file in all it’s glory (remember, 300dpi is a MUST). Once you’ve sent this over, we’ll keep it at hand, ready for print as the campaign ends.

We will default to the original uploaded file for printing if no other artwork is supplied to us before the end of your campaign. If you’d prefer to email your artwork to us directly please send to hello@everpress.com and reference the campaign name and associated email address.