What designs work well?

Want to create something with us, but don’t know where to start? We know there’s nothing more daunting than a blank screen in front of you, so we’ve pulled together some thought starters to help you along the way. From design styles to subjects – here are 5 trends we see boot time and time again.



Some of our most viral T-shirts are simple slogan designs. From powerful message + powerful font to playful message + playful font. Simple is the way forward – what you communicate is up to you. This graphic T-shirt style is great for graphic designers, lovers of type or anyone who struggles with design skills.

T-shirts have a long history with words, for more inspiration check out 14 of the most iconic slogan T-shirts of all time


Artists and illustrators – successful slogan tees don’t have to be text only. Some of our biggest designs have been those with designs and slogans that spin off each other. Got a design you love and want to use? What phrase sums it up? Or enhances the mood?

Not a designer yourself? Not a problem. You can collaborate with a designer and bring your vision to life with them – just like World Famous Gordos x Fizzy Wizzy did for their Legalise Marinara tee.


Not only does single colour make set up costs cheaper (meaning you profit more), but time and time again we see single colour designs drive the most engagement rates on social and sales on site. But what colours win? A white tee, always. Then your choice of red, blue or black artwork. Go on, give it a go and see for yourself.


Think about those little things that are so popular they’re almost personality types to the people around you and find creative ways to represent that. From cocktails to meal deals to TV shows, wellness and beyond – these always fly. What are the big references in your community right now that you could leverage?


Our community loves supporting fundraiser T-shirts that support social justice issues. So far, we’ve paid out £6+ million to creators across the globe. That’s helped support causes, fuel passion projects, start conversations and make meaningful changes to people’s lives in so many different ways. What’s important to you? Get it on a T-shirt, tell the world and see the difference it could make.

We hope this helps give you a starting point for your design work – by no means is this an exhaustive list. The most important thing is to inject yourself, your practise, personality and beliefs into your work and use it to tell your story. For more inspiration, check out our Editor’s Picks shop, which showcases the best designs of the moment.