The Relaunch Button Explained

everpress creator dashboard campaign relaunch button

The ‘Relaunch’ button lets you automatically relaunch any previous ended campaign in seconds. You can find it in your Campaign Dashboard, by selecting ‘Previous Campaigns’ in the Campaign section, then navigating to the campaign you want to relaunch and hitting ‘Relaunch’ at the top left. 

To make your relaunch go as successfully as possible, check out our tips on relaunching your campaign here. But as a quick roundup:

  • When Should I Relaunch? You can relaunch a campaign at any time, whether that’s immediately after it closes, or months later. In terms of when is best, the right answer will vary from person to person. If you see a big spike in sales just as your campaign closes, or get a lot of messages from people who missed out, it’s probably worth relaunching soon after initial close. In the longer term, our ‘re-launch request’ feature let’s any 
  • Do I Need To Do Anything New? No, apart from letting your audience know you’ve relaunched, you don’t need to do anything apart from hit the relaunch button. But, it never hurts to use some new promo shots, and this can be as easy as saving any photos your audience tag you in when their new T-shirts arrive. 

The campaign page will show you detailed stats and info across your finished campaign, from your total final payout, to any spikes in sales, to which colours and garments sold best if you had multiple options across your campaign. This info can be invaluable when it comes to a relaunch so it’s worth considering several things:

  • Total Orders & Items Sold: These two graphs map out exactly when orders were placed on your campaign. It’s worth looking at any spikes in sales, especially if these correspond to any posts to this can be a of the kind of promo content that works well for you 
  • Product Sales: Here you can find a detailed breakdown of exactly how much of each garment sold. Especially if you used multiple colourways and garment types, this can be an indication of whether it’s worth offering fewer options, or switching it up slightly
  • Evepress Ads Network: Here you can choose whether to opt in or out of the ads network. If you found it harder getting the word out about your tees the first time around, this could be worth trying for your relaunch
Have a successful campaign ready to relaunch? Head to your Campaign Dashboard and try it for yourself!