T-shirt dropshipping with Everpress


Want to create a T-shirt dropshipping business? It’s easy to see why; flexible work hours and good side-hustle money are on offer for the person that gets it right.

However, with a super-confusing smorgasbord of potential manufacturers, suppliers and logistics expert awaiting any ‘dropshipping’ Google search, it can be hard to get your head around what drop shipping is and how to actually do it.

If you’re here and already using Everpress to sell T-shirts online then you’re in luck… Our pre-order model has already changed the way dropshipping works – you might even be able to skip past most of this article (you’re already drop shipping!). However, for those that want to know more, we’ve prepared a quick guide to T-shirt drop shipping with Everpress.

So… what is dropshipping?

Dropshipping, put simply, is selling goods online and shipping them directly from a manufacturer to a customer – cutting out all the expensive and annoying bits in-between like storage, stock, logistics, shipping and distribution, and in some cases even customer service and returns.

The problem with traditional dropshopping

While we take our caps off to those that can make it work, drop shipping (the traditional way) can be hard work and throws up many barriers for young creatives and brands wanting to get involved, here’s a few;

  • It’s time intensive; while dropshipping can seem like the dream job, it’s important to keep in mind the time you will need to spend researching, sampling and communicating with manufacturers and suppliers as you set up your business. Having a smoothly oiled dropshipping machine can only come after a significant amount of preparation and planning at the beginning.
  • There are up-front resources required; while dropshipping helps you keep costs low by outsourcing key parts of the supply chain, there are still up-front costs associated. These generally come when purchasing and shipping samples and stock back and forward until you’re happy with your product, and with everything related to running your own online store like hosting and product photography.
  • It can be risky; going head-first into dropshipping can result in a lot of long nights on emails and calls to all parts of the world, and with trawling the internet through websites that were designed in the ‘90s. A dearth of information means much of this is a minefield, and getting it wrong can be expensive.
  • Quality is hard to control; shipping directly from a manufacturer to a customer can be a minefield, make sure you trust your suppliers if you’re associating your brand with a product they produce.

Why is this different with Everpress?

  • Only the best bits of dropshipping; we have our own supply chain – from manufacturing to shipping, to returns and customer service – so you get to focus on the fun bits; creating amazing designs and promoting them to your community.
  • No risk; our pre-order model means that we only print what you sell. This means no annoying inventory headaches and higher profit margins for you. See our profit calculator to find out more.
  • It’s free; It costs absolutely nothing to run a campaign with us. Your profits are paid to you at the end of your campaign. How do we make our money? That’s explained here.
  • We’re trusted; We’re already used by 1,000s of the world’s biggest and brightest designers, artists, illustrators, musicians, record labels, DJs, influencers and charities, here’s just a few.
  • No waste; for the environmentally minded, the pre-order model also means we’re not contributing piles of unused T-shirts to landfill.

How can I create a dropshipping business with Everpress?

For any existing seller who is already using or platform the answer is simple – you’ve already been doing it. For anyone new to Everpress the process is simple;

1. Build your campaign; head to our campaign builder to get started, we also have a walk-through guide if you’re looking for some pointers. Our guide on how to prepare your first campaign for success will also come in handy.

2. Promote your designs and gather pre-orders; there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to promotion, but we have some info that may help. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook tend to drive the most pre-orders, so we suggest you focus there first. Head to our ‘campaign marketing’ section for more useful info.

3. Get paid; once your pre-defined campaign window has ended you will be paid (make sure your payment details are uploaded via the dashboard) and your products will go to print. Next, they will be shipped to your customers. For more information on how this works head here.