Can I request an exchange or refund for my order?

Items available for pre-order have a finite window for purchase. At the end of this period, the items are then produced and shipped. Because we only produce the exact amount purchased of any given item and do not hold any excess stock, reprints or exchanges from finished campaigns are extremely difficult (if not impossible).

However, you are able to amend the size of your order up until the end of the campaign you’ve purchased from. This can be done by talking with our customer service team, allowing enough time to process the change before the campaign ends.

For all of our campaigns, there is a clickable size chart available above the drop down menu of sizes, this will give you exact dimensions for each size so you can get the best fit.

In cases where you are unhappy with the quality of your print or the fit of the garment, we are always available and can discuss a full-refund with you. Just get in touch with your order details at