A guide to promoting on Twitter


As we know, social media is one of the best ways to sell your T-shirt designs online. While the majority of our users rely heavily on Instagram and Facebook for promotion, Twitter remains a valuable outlet – especially if that’s where your community lives.

Twitter still operates in real time, with posts appearing in chronological order, free of the algorithmic throttling that has a chokehold elsewhere. This makes Twitter one of the last, truly democratic social media platforms out there – post content and, assuming you have an engaged and active following, they will see it. Let’s look at how you can make the most of that.

Learn to promo from the pros

You’d be amazed at how creative some people are with their tweets – our community is always finding new ways to promote their designs and it’s worth taking notes. Here are just a few of our favourite campaign promo tweets from recent times;


Make the most of your profile page (and make it look great)

This isn’t rocket science, but you’d be amazed at how many people don’t maximise the tools available to them. Your social accounts need to match the aesthetics of your merchandise – they need to look great. Here are a few key places to start:

  • Upload a beautiful cover photo
  • Upload a profile photo or logo
  • Change the colours of your links to match your latest campaign, or to a colour that is contrasting and striking. This will make your socials colour coordinated and attention-grabbing.
  • Add your campaign link into your Twitter bio and make it easy for your audience to find the link. Make sure they can’t miss it.
  • Send a tweet showcasing your new T-shirt design in all its glory and be sure to include your campaign link. From here you can ‘pin’ it to your profile so it always stays at the top of your profile page – ready for anyone passing by to click on.

Engage with your audience

Just like on other social networks, you need to engage with your audience on Twitter and let them know you’re listening. We can’t stress enough how important this is! Twitter is very much built on personal connections, and every engagement counts.

If someone tweets about you, be sure to retweet, add a comment or even just drop a ‘like’ on it. Showing personality on socials can help your brand go a long way, and it will make you more memorable.

Other top engagement tips:

  • Definitely, retweet any positive messages about you or your campaign – it’s a great way to build momentum and to support the people supporting you.
  • Find the people on Twitter already talking about you by searching for your handle – drop them a like as a great way to let them know you have an official profile that they should follow.
  • You’re still working even when your campaign is over. Use the in-between moments to showcase buyers wearing tees from previous campaigns.

Hype your campaign’s key moments

Twitter operates in real time, which means you can make more of repeat messaging – don’t be afraid to hammer home your message and make sure it gets seen. Key times we recommend you posting to hype your campaign:

  • Pre-launch (“New tees coming soon! Watch this space.”)
  • Launch (“Here they are! Get them here…”)
  • 1 week left (“Only 1 week left to grab my tee.”
  • 24 hours left (“24 hours left! Grab them before they’re gone!”)
  • 12 hours left
  • 1 hour (“Last chance!”)
  • Post-campaign (“Thanks to everyone that purchased a tee!”)

Tip: Hashtags are a great way to reach like-minded people on Twitter, using them is especially if you don’t have a big following. Also, make sure to direct your fans to your shop URL through these key moments to give yourself the best chance of converting.

Play and experiment with the different post formats

Use your Twitter account to post exclusive content your audience can’t find anywhere else. This could be video, photo or just a text post.

You can post a video of you opening up some of your samples, or showing how you create the artwork for your merchandise. Anything that gives a human side to your brand is always good.

Just as an example, you could do a poll post. It gives you the chance to ask your fans what product they’d like to see you create next. This will give your fans an interactive experience, and they also get to have their say. They will appreciate having the chance to shape a brand they care about.

Tag your persons of interest and brand ambassadors

Twitter is a place where you can tag all of the accounts that you feel are relevant to the vision you’re pushing forward. If you’re lucky you may even get a retweet from a major account – this is a sure-fire way to make sure your post reach is maximised and that you’re reaching new audiences.

Keep an eye on #Everpress for tips (and to find friends)

We love our Twitter community; they’re extremely active and they’re always tagging us or using our #Everpress hashtag to keep us in the loop. Wherever possible we try and show support with a like or retweet so make sure you’re using tagging and hashtagging on your tweets.

Better yet, scour through the hashtag for recent updates on what our community of sellers are up to and for tips on great content ideas.

Looking to promote your campaigns elsewhere? Check out our Instagram and Facebook promo guides.