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Our 20 favourite T-shirt designs: Winter

Having reviewed 2018 through a list of 31 of our favourite designs featuring established names like Ben Arfur, Jacob Wise and Joy Miessi (alongside a bright bunch of talented newcomers), we now cast our eye to a fresh selection of 20 designs that launched on our platform in the first quarter of 2019.


For the full selection of curated designs from across the community of independent creators, head to Editor’s Picks.

Cory Edwards
Zoe Lilou wears the 'All My Friends Are Dead' T-shirt by Jimbo Bones
Zoe Lilou wears the 'All My Friends Are Dead' T-shirt by Jimbo Bones

Brodie Kaman – Nocturnal Wound

Brodie Kaman dropped his ‘Nocturnal Wound’ long-sleeve through his growing Super Foreign brand – his signature distressed graphic and typography prowess is on show here.

Brodie Kaman's 'Nocturnal Wound' T-shirt
Brodie Kaman’s ‘Nocturnal Wound’ T-shirt

M. Fatchurofi – Stay Calm

M. Fatchurofi’s ‘Stay Calm‘ was a dash of brightness in a dreary winter. It features an early piece of his artwork with a mantra to keep you going.

M. Fatchurofi's Stay Calm T-shirt
M. Fatchurofi’s Stay Calm T-shirt

Fruits Art Club – PEOPLE 4US

Fruits Art Club understands what it takes to tell complex stories through design – their ‘PEOPLE4US‘ long-sleeve focuses on the clock of our universe with a mission to make the world a better place.

Fruits Art Club's 'PEOPLE 4US' T-shirt
Fruits Art Club’s ‘PEOPLE 4US’ T-shirt

No Bad Days – Sushi Soireé

Record label, party and radio show No Bad Days gave us a splash of colour with ‘Sushi Soirée‘ featuring an illustrative take on their Sushi Soirée at vinyl-only venue/sushi restaurant Brilliant Corners.

No Bad Days' 'Sushi Soireé' T-shirt
No Bad Days’ ‘Sushi Soireé’ T-shirt

Jimbo Bones – All My Friends Are Dead

Jimbo Bones once again emerged from the depths of hell – this time with his ‘All My Friends Are Dead‘ long sleeve tee. Jimbo went all-in on the repurposed graphics to create a heavy winter scrapbook of doom.

Jimbo Bones' 'All My Friends Are Dead' T-shirt
Jimbo Bones’ ‘All My Friends Are Dead’ T-shirt

Greasy Finger Gang – Let Me Dance

Greasy Fingers Gang were new to the Everpress platform, and their first outing was a real eye-catcher. Keep your eyes peeled – we’re expecting big things from GFG this year.

Greasy Fingers Gang's 'Let Me Dance' T-shirt
Greasy Fingers Gang’s ‘Let Me Dance’ T-shirt

Sophy Hollington – Emblem

No surprises here as Brighton-based illustrator Sophy Hollington cruises onto yet another one of our favourite tees list.

Sophy Hollington's 'Emblem' T-shirt
Sophy Hollington’s ‘Emblem’ T-shirt

Ahmed Badenjki – Falafel

The boom of underground designers finding their feet on our platform is encapsulated best by this beauty by Ahmed Badenjki – bootlegging a major brand with this tasty logo flip.

Ahmed Badenjki's 'Falafel' T-shirt
Ahmed Badenjki’s ‘Falafel’ T-shirt

Noah Baker – Scenery

When it comes to sleeve printed tees, we just couldn’t resist NYC-based designer Noah Baker’s ‘Scenery‘ – a tribute to Japanese pianist Ryo Fukui’s 1976 jazz album, Scenery.

Noah Baker's 'Scenery' T-shirt
Noah Baker’s ‘Scenery’ T-shirt

Adam Tickle – What’s Luv Got To Do With It

Adam Tickle took us back in time with his Tina Turner-inspired design ‘What’s Luv Got To Do With It‘ T-shirt in response to our Love Is The Message brief for Valentines Day. 80s vibes all round with this one.

Adam Tickle's 'What's Luv Got To Do With It' T-shirt
Adam Tickle’s ‘What’s Luv Got To Do With It’ T-shirt

Bárbara Malagoli – Hello I’m Home

We saw a wave of 80+ amazing artists respond to our International Womxn brief and Bárbara Malagoli caught our attention with her beautifully illustrated ‘Hello I’m Home‘ long sleeve T-shirt.

Bárbara Malagoli’s ‘Hello I’m Home’ T-shirt

Marylou Faure – Utopia

Another entry in response to our International Womxn brief and things got meta with Everpress favourite Marylou Faure’s illustrated take on another Everpress favourite – Adam Tickle’s ‘Utopia’ tee.

Marylou Faure's 'Utopia' T-shirt
Marylou Faure’s ‘Utopia’ T-shirt

Florian Tripoteau – Phobos Express

French designer Florian Tripoteau’s cosmic obsession has been visible with his steady stream of graphic tees and ‘Phobos Express‘ is the pièce de résistance of his collection.

Florian Tripoteau's 'Phobos Express' T-shirt

Florian Tripoteau’s ‘Phobos Express’ T-shirt

Robin Eisenberg – Night Driving

LA-based artist, animator and music video director Robin Eisenberg killed the International Womxn brief. Her sci-fi-inspired ‘Nightdriving‘ tee is a galactic trip that was quite literally out of this world.

Robin Eisenberg's 'Night Driving' T-shirt
Robin Eisenberg’s ‘Night Driving’ T-shirt

Kelly Anna – Defend

We could spot a Kelly Anna tee from a mile away and our eyes lit up when she teamed up with Sister Supporter as part of their Buffer Zones project fundraiser for her ‘Defend‘ T-shirt.

Kelly Anna's 'Defend' T-shirt
Kelly Anna’s ‘Defend’ T-shirt

Mirror Planet Records – Acid House

Tiny Japanese label Mirror Planet Records have burst onto the scene with their ‘Acid House‘ tee – a pretty solid first release if you ask us. We’re already itching for a new drop.

Mirror Planet Records' 'Acid House' T-shirt
Mirror Planet Records’ ‘Acid House’ T-shirt

Maria Falbo – The Senses

Maria Falbo of lifestyle brand COPSON has got our heads turning with her latest outing. ‘The Senses‘ is an exploration of transcendence, romanticism and tribal communion.

Maria Falbo's 'The Senses' T-shirt
Maria Falbo’s ‘The Senses’ T-shirt

Pacific Rhythm – Pacific Rhythm x Rhek

We love a good collaboration, whether it’s friends, strangers, or non-profits coming together. This year we’ve already seen some excellent team-ups and Pacific Rhythm’s freshest tee yet saw them knock heads with creative genius Rhek.

Pacific Rhythm x Rhek collaboration T-shirt
Pacific Rhythm x Rhek collaboration T-shirt


Underground TV station Paradise TV returned with a bang as they relaunched 2018’s classic logo tee – this time with brand new colourways.

Paradise TV 'ParadiseTV.XYZ' T-shirt
Paradise TV ‘ParadiseTV.XYZ’ T-shirt

Stephanie Unger – Snake Hoop

London-based artist and illustrator Stephanie Unger’s ‘Snake Hoop‘ for Internation Womxn went from doodle to one of our favourite drops 2019.

Stephanie Unger' 'Snake Hoop' T-shirt
Stephanie Unger’ ‘Snake Hoop’ T-shirt

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