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Introducing: Type In Focus

Tomorrow we launch Type in Focus, a celebration of our favourite type designers, and of type itself.


40 limited edition T-shirts have been designed by leading designers and foundries from around the world in response to the theme EMOTION. 


We’re thrilled about this chance to work with such a range of talented designers, in order to help showcase the multifaceted world of type. The campaign will feature T-shirts from the likes of Bureau Borsche, Jacob Wise, A Practice For Everyday Life, Colophon, Superimpose, and Femme Type, to name just a few.


Plus, Ciarán Birch, who’s been on our radar for quite a while now, has created some one-off branding for us, with GIFs too by Hans Findling, Studio Dumbar, and Vrints-Kolsteren.


Shop the collection here.

Everpress Team
everpress type in focus bureau borsche superimpose global
Michael Sabuni and Tiegan Ogugua wear Type In Focus tees by Superimpose and Bureau Borsche.

Type In Focus was born out of conversations between some of our creators. We landed on “Emotion” as the theme because of the possibilities it opened up in terms of adding a visual element to type design.

Superimpose Studio's 'Services Unknown' T-shirt design as part of Type In Focus
Superimpose Studio’s ‘Services Unknown’ T-shirt design as part of Type In Focus

At its heart, the campaign is about demystifying type, and making the process behind its design more accessible. “I’ve seen a few talks from type designers and foundries which have been fascinating, but can also be pretty intimidating,” said our Head of Creatives Nick Law. “Type design can be portrayed as incredibly technical, which I personally love, but I can see how that may be off-putting. We wondered whether we could put together a project which featured top quality type in a more accessible way.”

Courtesy of Patrick Savile

This is about making type design more accessible 

“Type is definitely not under-served in terms of coverage, and there are some quality resources out there dedicated to shining a light on the top designers in the field, but I can’t recall a project that has brought so much of their work together,” Nick added. “Plus the medium of clothing is a unique way of amplifying the message.”

Courtesy of Hans Findling

For more insights into the world of type, we also headed to The Yarza Twins’ studio to get the full low-down on their Love T-shirt design. And we hit up one of our favourites on the other side of the Atlantic, Travis Kane, to better understand his process.

Jacob Wise's 'Gabber Chamber Music' T-shirt design as part of Type In Focus
Jacob Wise’s ‘Gabber Chamber Music’ T-shirt design as part of Type In Focus

Our full list of designers:

Pangram Pangram, The Crystal Beach, Colophon Foundry, Anthony Burrill, Ciarán Birch, Élise Rigollet, Kris Andrew Small, Regular Practice, Patrick Savile, The Yarza Twins, Jacob Wise, Jackson Green, Travis Kane, Superimpose, Studio Triple, Justin Sloane, Pierre Dufresne, Femme Type, Gregory Page, Deep Gnome, Bureau Borsche, Raoul Gottschling, A Practice For Everyday Life, Vrints-Kolsteren, Fraser Muggeridge, Simen Røyseland, Kristina Bartosova, Jesse Johanning, Fabio Furlani, Johannes Schnatmann, Studio Dumbar, Julien Hebert, Josh Saunders, Vivien Hoffmann, Koln Studio, Thomas Bauer, Hans Findling, Velvetine Type Foundry, Alex Slobzheninov.

Head here to check out the full range of designs, and to shop the collection.

Everpress Team
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