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Our 21 Favourite T-shirt Designs: Summer

With things hotting up, we’ve taken a second to dig out 21 of the best summer T-shirt designs launched on Everpress across the past few months. With entries from regulars like Grace Miceli and Fruits Art Club, plus a number of first-time campaigns from artists around the globe – there’s plenty to sink your teeth into.


Remember, all of the tees on Everpress use pre-order campaigns, meaning we only print what you buy – leading to less waste and fewer tees in landfill.


For the full selection of curated designs currently available, head to the Editor’s Picks.

Valentin Lazar's 'Cute 01' T-shirt photographed by Cory Edwards
Valentin Lazar's 'Cute 01' T-shirt photographed by Cory Edwards

Marcello Pisano – Milano Sushi Gang

We love nothing more than a self-starter and 1st-time Everpress uploader Marcello Pisano flexed his illustration muscles with this sushi themed dream, ‘Milano Sushi Gang’ tee. We doubt this will be the last time he features on one of these lists.

Marcello Pisano's 'Milano Sushi Gang T-shirt
Marcello Pisano’s ‘Milano Sushi Gang T-shirt

Jack Taylor & Molly Rose Dyson – Die Natur

Spring saw the launch of our City Takeover Series in Berlin and the pick of the bunch was Jack Taylor & Molly Rose Dyson’s anti-littering tee, ‘Die Natur’. A perfect example of a statement T-shirt.

Jack Taylor & Molly Rose Dyson's 'Die Natur' T-shirt
Jack Taylor & Molly Rose Dyson’s ‘Die Natur’ T-shirt

Rye Wax – Have A Good Time

South London’s finest, Rye Wax Records took things up a notch with their second run of pre-order tees. A team up with graphic artist Mos Daviz paved the way for the epic ‘Have A Good Time’ tee and a reminder to have a good time, all the time.

Rye Wax's 'Have-A-Good-Time' T-shirt
Rye Wax’s ‘Have-A-Good-Time’ T-shirt

Mikki Janower – Super Mario Void

Graphic designer and art director Mikki Janower dug into the pop culture goldmine that is Super Mario as she rolled out her first Everpress tee. ‘Super Mario Void’ gave us a nostalgia trip with a dash of design genius.

Mikki Janower' 'Super Mario Void' T-shirt
Mikki Janower’ ‘Super Mario Void’ T-shirt

Valentin Lazar – Cute 01

By this point, it’s no secret that we’re big fans of graphic tees and Valentin Lazar cracked the code on his first go with the intricately designed ‘Cute 01’. Featuring a design adapted from his submission to a Poster Jam competition.

Valentin Lazar's 'Cute 01' T-shirt
Valentin Lazar’s ‘Cute 01’ T-shirt

Virginia Ma – Virginnywinny

Last year’s CSM Graphics Degree Show fundraiser placed Indiana Lawrence on our radar and this year, illustrator and designer Virginia Ma grabbed our attention with the street food-themed ‘Virginnywinny’.

Virginny Ma's 'Virginnywinny' T-shirt
Virginia Ma’s ‘Virginnywinny’ T-shirt

Jimmy Simpson – Bodega Cat

Illustrator Jimmy Simpson’s ‘Bodega Cat’ began as a series of drawings inspired by the colour, clutter and culture of corner stores in New York City. He’s since collected his drawings into zine published by Tan & Loose Press.

Jimmy Simpson's 'Bodega Cat' T-shirt
Jimmy Simpson’s ‘Bodega Cat’ T-shirt

Frank J Guzzone – Ceremoñia 2019

Making a still image look alive is no easy task but Brooklyn-based 3D designer and art director Frank J Guzzone​ created fluidity with his first Everpress tee. His design features an image from his work with Festival Ceremoñia 2019.

Frank J Guzzone's 'Ceremoñia 2019' T-shirt
Frank J Guzzone’s ‘Ceremoñia 2019’ T-shirt

Samaritans – Real People Real Stories

Released alongside their Real People, Real Stories campaign, Samaritans set out to raise mental health awareness by highlighting real stories from men who have overcome tough times to encourage other men to seek help.

Samaritans' 'Real People Real Stories' T-shirt
Samaritans’ ‘Real People Real Stories’ T-shirt

Art of Ping Pong x Kelly Anna

Everpress regulars Art of Ping Pong & Kelly Anna knocked heads for one of our favourite collaborative efforts this spring. It’s an easily distinguishable design that is made up of a bold, female character that defines Kelly’s style.

Art of Ping Pong x Kelly Anna T-shirt
Art of Ping Pong x Kelly Anna T-shirt

Luigi Brusciano – Kids Want Techno

Luigi Brusciano demonstrated his understanding of graphic design and a love for pop culture perfectly with his ‘Kids Want Techno design. What’s more techno than a neon green graphic on a black tee?

Luigi Brusciano's 'Kids Want Techno' T-shirt
Luigi Brusciano’s ‘Kids Want Techno’ T-shirt

Emma Allegretti – Raise Hell

Italian illustrator Emma Allegretti’s sophomore effort ‘Raise Hell’ didn’t go unnoticed. The follow up to ‘Allegretti Regretti’ sees her return with the water-coloured female figures that take centre stage in her work.

Emma Allegretti's 'Raise Hell' T-shirt
Emma Allegretti’s ‘Raise Hell’ T-shirt

Fruits Art Club – Fruits F&F Tee

The growth of Fruits Art Club as a creative entity has been steady and founder Andrew Wetmore has used the Everpress platform to create, share, and motivate others. They’ve cruised onto another with their ‘Friends & Family’ tee.

Fruits Art Club's 'Fruits F&F' T-shirt
Fruits Art Club’s ‘Fruits F&F’ T-shirt

Father of Xerxes – Post Daylight Affairs

Dario Pereira aka Father of Xerxes has been a revelation since dropping his first pre-order campaign. With an impressive collection of graphic tees behind him, it’s easy to see why his stock is on the rise. The long-sleeve ‘Post Daylight Affairs’ is his magnum opus.

Father of Xerxes' 'Post Daylight Affairs' T-shirt
Father of Xerxes’ ‘Post Daylight Affairs’ T-shirt

Jimbo Bones – All My Friends Are Dead

It’s always something to behold when Aussie artist Jimbo Bones returns from the depths of hell. He didn’t disappoint when he rolled out his reworked ‘All My Friends Are Dead’ collection.

Jimbo Bones' 'All My Friends Are Dead' T-shirt
Jimbo Bones’ ‘All My Friends Are Dead’ T-shirt

Sebastian König – Be Kind Rewind

Illustrator, designer and art director Sebastian König’s mastery over colour is on full display with his first pre-order campaign, ‘Be Kind Rewind’. His design mirrors his work with its use of rough edges and rigid shapes.

Sebastian König's 'Be Kind Rewind' T-shirt
Sebastian König’s ‘Be Kind Rewind’ T-shirt

Conor Peploe – R.I.P Keith Flint

Conor Peploe’s ode to Keith Flint was a simple, yet effective way to commemorate the legendary singer. RIP Keith Flint.

Conor Peploe's 'R.I.P Keith Flint' T-shirt
Conor Peploe’s ‘R.I.P Keith Flint’ T-shirt

Wigflex – Wigflex City Festival

We know what you’re thinking; “this tee looks familiar”. What if we told you that Wigflex joined forces with another entrant in this list, Luigi Brusciano to create some seriously good festival season clobber?

Wigflex's 'Wigflex City Festival' T-shirt
Wigflex’s ‘Wigflex City Festival’ T-shirt

Grace Miceli – Bunny

We could make a list of our favourite Grace Miceli tees which is a testament to the quality of work that the NYC-based artist produces. However, we’re particularly fond of her ‘Bunny’ tee. On the surface, its innocence caught our eye but the bunny is the real star of this long sleeve tee.

Grace Miceli's 'Bunny' T-shirt
Grace Miceli’s ‘Bunny’ T-shirt

Marco Giacobbe – Disperse

Milan-based design student Marco Giacobbe arrived on the scene all guns blazing with the ‘Disperse’ tee. His design is a blend of graphic and typography gold that had our heads spinning.

Marco Giacobbe's 'Disperse' T-shirt
Marco Giacobbe’s ‘Disperse’ T-shirt

Connie Wright – Street View

Connie Wright’s ‘Street View’ is a T-shirt with a tale – her design is taken from her final project publication; a visual exploration of Yanaka, Tokyo travelled virtually through google maps.

Connie Wright's 'Street View' T-shirt
Connie Wright’s ‘Street View’ T-shirt

For the full selection of curated designs currently available, head to the Editor’s Picks.

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