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Interviews — 2 years ago

Community Focus: Murkage Dave

Since we started Everpress, we’ve heard all kinds of reasons that our community choose to run T-shirt campaigns with us; from launching a brand, to finding a new medium for their existing work, to helping get the word out about what they do. Now, increasingly, we’re seeing more and more creators use Everpress as an additional income stream to help support their practice. 


It’s one of the most urgent issues facing creatives today, but in the culture industries talking about money and profit is still often taboo. That’s why we’ve launched our Community Focus series, which sees us speak to four different members of our community to find out why they run campaigns, and to better understand the impact their campaign profits can have on their ability to do what they do best.


This time, we turned to musician and club icon Murkage Dave for his thoughts on how style is evolving, what it’s like seeing people in his tees, and why he uses Everpress. And you can shop Dave’s latest tee here.

Murkage Dave, photographed by Dean Martindale (@deanmartindale)

Moving from East London to Manchester when he was 18, Murkage Dave started putting on nights that quickly became a staple of the city’s club scene and beyond. But though he first made his name as a promoter, he’s always been multifaceted. “I’ve always been doing music since I can remember. I’ve been drawing cartoons and writing short stories and songs since I was about five,” he told us. “So it was just something that I’ve always done since then and I guess that I’ve just got less shit at it as I’ve gotten older.” Now carving out a space for himself as a musician, his ‘Murkage Dave Changed My Life’ tees have been a firm Everpress favourite. For his insights on style and running campaigns, read on. 


Really it was boredom. Well, trying to get your brain out of the loop that it goes on, that starts even from when you’re at primary school. You know, you do the same thing every day, then you do the same thing every weekend too. I guess music was something to get my brain out of that loop.

Photograph courtesy of Murkage Dave


It’s kind of butters isn’t it. I guess there’s a lot of suffering attached to that level of comfort and we’re not even taking advantage of it, because it’s people in other countries making those clothes; sometimes very young people. I’m not sure what the solution is yet. 

Every T-shirt that we make, we’ve sold and it’s gone to someone that wants it


Social media has really changed communication; before it was what clubs you went to, what places you were hanging out, and that would influence how you dressed. Whereas now those clubs and places are online, and people swap their ideas online. So now you might go to Australia, Japan, Ghana, wherever, and you’ll meet people that dress the same way because they can be into the same stuff. 

Photograph courtesy of Murkage Dave


I needed to make money!


I think the Everpress model is wicked, because of the fact that we don’t waste. Every T-shirt that we make, we’ve sold and it’s gone to someone that wants it. I feel that that really helps me and I feel like it’s a better way to do things in general too.

Murkage Dave’s album cover, photographed by Dean Martindale (@deanmartindale)


It’s a good feeling, it means you can go up to someone and say, “Eh, nice T-shirt.” At the very first headline show that I did at the Sebright Arms in East London there were loads of people wearing my T-shirt. It was an overwhelming night in general.

Find your own path and put your own footprints down


To anyone wanting to follow in my footsteps, I would say don’t! You can be influenced by someone, I’m inspired by other creators and that’s cool, but I’d always say it’s better not to imitate other people. As cliche as it sounds, be yourself – still be inspired by people you rate, but find your own path and put your own footprints down.

Murkage Dave, photographed by Dean Martindale (@deanmartindale)

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