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Community Focus: David Vujanić

Since we started Everpress, we’ve heard all kinds of reasons that our community choose to run T-shirt campaigns with us; from launching a brand, to finding a new medium for their existing work, to helping get the word out about what they do. Now, increasingly, we’re seeing more and more creators use Everpress as an additional income stream to help support their practice. 


It’s one of the most urgent issues facing creatives today, but in the culture industries talking about money and profit is still often taboo. That’s why we’ve launched our Community Focus series, which sees us speak to four different members of our community to find out why they run campaigns, and to better understand the impact their campaign profits can have on their ability to do what they do best.


This time, we turned to content creator David Vujanić for his thoughts on the importance of merchandise, what it’s like seeing people in his tees, and how he manages freelance working. 

Everpress Team
Dean Martindale
David Vujanić, photographed by Dean Martindale (@deanmartindale)
David Vujanić, photographed by Dean Martindale (@deanmartindale)

David Vujanić got his first taste of comedy videos in the early days of YouTube, through watching the likes of Lonely Island, Sacha Baron Cohen and Shadrack and the Mandem. “Those were the guys that made me go like, “wow”, and then I started making funny videos online, expressing myself on YouTube and that was it,” he told us. ‘Have A Nice’ (not to be confused with Borat’s ‘Is Nice’) quickly became his slogan, after he picked it up from a drunk man on a train – “I found it really funny, I just loved that there was no ending.” With four Everpress drops now under his belt (or 11 campaigns in total), he’s shown there’s plenty of mileage in his merchandise. For his insights into why he runs his campaigns, read on. 


I like clothes and have always liked buying clothes and putting an outfit together. I’d say I have quite extroverted taste (shout out to my mother!) and I’ve always liked going to charity shops and trying to get a good deal; mixing vintage shopping with sportswear. I’d describe the way I dress as trying to make it work with the money you have, and then with merchandise it becomes a part of your profile once you build something.

Photo courtesy of David Vujanić

Merchandise becomes part of your profile once you build something


People have sent me photos from around the world, or they’ve seen someone on the bus or in the street. For me, I was on the tube once and I looked across the platform and there was someone across the platform wearing my hoodie – I was mad excited, proper gassed. Like a proper kid, so happy to see it.

A guy recently broke his hand, I think, and he sent over a photo of him wearing the T-shirt and said, “I’m having a nice – got a lot of morphine in my body.” And there was this other dude actually in hospital and I don’t even know what he broke, I think both hands? But he was in hospital bed wearing the ‘Have a Nice’ T-shirt and that was pretty lovely. Not that he was in hospital, but the fact that he was getting light from the merch and the situation.

David Vujanić, photographed by Dean Martindale (@deanmartindale)
David Vujanić, photographed by Dean Martindale (@deanmartindale)


It works best when I don’t overthink it. I can at times find it anxiety driven: there’s a lot of self-doubt, there’s a lot of questioning everything. It’s quite a unique position but it’s something that I’ve gotten into. I’m a bit of a perfectionist as well which can make the process even longer when I create something (hence why the merchandise comes out like once every 6 years!). But when my stuff does come out I like to think it comes out in the right way.

Trust your intuition


I think everyone’s story is their own and everyone has their own path, but I guess I’d say trust your intuition and try to be as true to yourself as you can. Those are the things that will be challenged – we live in a challenging world and those two things can be very powerful. Also, watch The Matrix. All three. And get outside of yourself, try not to stress too much.

David Vujanic’s ‘Have A Nice’ merch

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