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Our Search For The Perfect T-shirt Is Over… We Made It

Everything you need to know about our new and exclusive ‘Everpress Classic’ T-shirt 


Everybody has their favourite T-shirt. And after years of working with creatives to help bring their T-shirt designs to life, we believe that the T-shirt itself is as important as what’s printed on it. 


We searched high and low for the perfect blank T-shirt. We looked at everything from the very best tees that have run on Everpress over the years, to our own team’s wardrobe favourites that have really stood the test of time. 


In the end, it just felt natural to use all those years of knowledge to create our own. We spent more time than we care to admit fine tuning the specifics of our exclusive T-shirt – The Everpress Classic.


For the full low down – everything from the feel and fit, to size inclusivity, to how well they actually hold prints – check out our full lookbook.


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Everpress Team
Gift JR Gwambe
Lookbook still, photographed by Gift JR Gwambe, modelled by Michael Sabuni

What’s The Fit Like?

What makes the perfect T-shirt? After years of sourcing tees, studying our team’s age-old favourites, and trying different brands on for size, we’ve found our formula. 

First, it’s got to be organic cotton. We touch-tested tee after tee and organic cotton is softer than regular, a lot softer. To get technical about it, it’s because the cotton fibres are longer, resulting in a softer fabric that’s longer-lasting too.

Next it’s all about the thickness – you want to capture that balance between crisp and light in sunnier times, but thick enough that it sits just right and isn’t semi-see through. After some tweaking of the dials, we landed at a tasty 200gsm. 

Then of course, there’s fit. Sometimes you want a tee to be oversized, but we hate when a T-shirt arrives double the size you expected, so The Everpress Classic T-shirt fits perfectly true to size, and is a relaxed fit that finishes on the hip.  

And not to forget about durability. When we love our T-shirts we wear them again and again, so The Everpress Classic has been created to be unbelievably long-lasting. 

Who Is It For?

We believe that creativity is for everybody, so we made a T-shirt that’s for everybody too. With sizing that runs from XXS to XXXXXL, our very own Everpress Classic T-shirt is the most inclusive tee on our site. 

Will The Print Really Last?

We think T-shirts are canvases. So we wanted to create a tee that would do justice to its design. 

The Everpress Classic tee is crafted from combed cotton. To get technical again, combed cotton means an extra step in the manufacturing process, in which the cotton fibres are combed to remove debris, impurities and any shorter threads. This creates a fabric that’s both softer (we like soft) and a smoother surface to print on. Which means as precise a print as possible, and helps the print last wash after wash too. 

And while we’re talking prints, we use super-durable water-based inks which are totally toxin-free and vegan. So they’re kind to the planet, kind to animals and kind on skin.

What About The Workshop?

And finally, let’s talk production. The Everpress Classic T-shirt is made at a Sedex-monitored workshop in Cairo. An international, independent body, Sedex rigorously investigates workplaces according to their four pillars of: Labour Standards, Health & Safety, Environment and Business Ethics. The workshop puts its workers at the fore, from paying fair wages to providing transport and meals for all employees.  

We care about keeping our carbon footprint low, and so do our suppliers. They will only ship T-shirt orders out to our printing houses when the shipping containers are full – instead of shipping on demand. This is a great example of sustainability in practice. Not some big showy initiative. But instead a common-sense approach that values lowering emissions over things like time efficiency.

And, while most factories ship products to warehouses out using one polybag per garment (making a lot of fucking waste) – ours uses one recycled and recyclable polybag per 100 garments. Considerably minimising waste.

Create your graphic T-shirt here.

Everpress Team
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