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Junwoo Park Doesn’t Believe In Bad Advice

Junwoo Park shares his thoughts on advice, working across mediums and knowing when a piece is finished. 


Currently based in Cheonan City, South Korea, but with a move to Gongju on the horizon next year, Junwoo Park is comfortable trying different mediums on for size. 


The enigmatic artist’s work is always recognisably his though, and he described his motivation as an artist as simply – “what I must do in life”.


Here, he shares his thoughts on advice, working across mediums and knowing when a piece is finished.

Everpress Team
Courtesy of Junwoo Park

Have you always been interested in visual art?


When do you feel most creative?

The condition of feeling restrained is when I am at my most creative. 

Courtesy of Junwoo Park

Your works can be very different, but they’re all recognisably yours. How do you approach working in different styles and media?And how can you maintain a strong voice while working in different styles?

I have been working in various styles since I was a college student. And as I worked in different styles and mediums, I focused on giving all my work meaning and thought about what fun I could find in this work.

What is the value of experiments on your process as an artist?

It’s about discovering and exploring the world in me.

Courtesy of Junwoo Park

What was your first fascination with the world of NFTs?Can you tell me how digital art is developing in that field?

In terms of NFTs, I was interested in them as they seemed like the trend of the times, but I don’t make NFTs anymore.

When do you know it’s time to give up something?

When I don’t have the energy in me to continue it any longer.

How do you know if you’re done with what you’re doing?

The end of the work of art is satisfactory and it’s not enough for itself, but if you think this is the best way to go, you know.

What is the worst advice you have ever received?

I don’t think there’s such a thing as bad advice.

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