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Explore 2022’s Shop Local Collection

Shop Local, feel good.


Want to support some grafters and great minds? Our new Shop Local collection is now live.


This is about celebrating the businesses who shape their communities. From a succulent boutique, to winemakers, to a top class British cafe, this collection is a love letter to all those local businesses who make neighbourhoods so special.


For this year’s lineup we looked to local spots old and new that feel totally unique. The resulting lineup – Brother LDN, Duffy Sound, Jenki Matcha, Look Mum! No Hands, Norman’s Cafe, Nouveau Wines, Prick LDN, Shots Fired Hot Sauce, Spice Box, Supa Ya Ramen, Willy’s Pies – is a testimony to the value of shopping local and independent.


Explore the full Local Business collection here.

Everpress Team
Photography by Jess Govinden

I’m lucky to know lots of talented musicians and players,

T-shirt by Supa Ya Ramen, photographed by Jess Govinden

so I try to use that in as much of what I do as possible. It’s fun to make more music on your own, but there’s so much more to a piece of work when you’ve got someone else’s ears and ideas on it too.” – DUFFY SOUND

T-shirt by Norman’s, photographed by Jess Govinden

Shop the full collection here.

T-shirt by Duffy Sound, photographed by Jess Govinden

Shopping local means not cutting corners.

T-shirt by Nouveau Wine, photographed by Jess Govinden

It means taking the long route to find an item that’s truly worthwhile. It means an awful lot to us that someone would go out of their way to buy from us instead of one of the big companies online. – BROTHER LDN

Shop the full collection here.

T-shirt by Brother LDN, photographed by Jess Govinden

Running our own place

has made us so aware of the importance of community, and how far the support between each other goes. Everyone cares deeply about what they do, so you know that by shopping local you’re supporting those individuals and indirectly a whole community.” – JENKI MATCHA

Shop the full collection here.

T-shirt by Jenki Matcha, photographed by Jess Govinden

For more insights on local business, check out our deep dive on the meaning behind ethical business by Sophie Benson

Everpress Team
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Everpress Team