Pricing & costs breakdown


*Cost breakdown accurate as of August 2020; actual costs and payouts figures will vary depending on the amount of T-shirts sold, the print type and the garment used.

While our price calculator makes it easy to estimate potential campaign profits, it’s still helpful to know exactly where the money from the sale of each T-shirt goes. In order to be as transparent as possible we’ve broken down the costs associated with a single £25 T-shirt sale.

Creator Payout – 35.00%

Your profit per T-shirt sale. This is the total money that is paid into your bank account at the end of the campaign. 

Garments, Printing & Fulfilment – 33.00%

Garments includes everything from the cost of buying, shipping and warehousing the garments that your campaign uses. Printing involves all of the screen printing setup costs, inks, and the cost of actually printing the garment in our facilities. Fulfillment involves all packaging and shipping. We offer a range of garments at different price points, the full list can be found here in our garment overview. Similarly, print costs will vary depending on the print method used, number of artwork placements and the intricacy of the design. 

Staff & Platform Costs – 24%

The portion that goes towards keeping our platform up and running. This includes everything from maintaining our website and shop, to making improvements to the shopping experience, to paying every member of our team. 

Advertising & Marketing – 4%

This covers all the advertising and marketing that helps sell each T-shirt, from our Instagram and all social channels, to our site. The better we can market our website, and the products on it, the more sales (and profit) we can generate for you, our creators. 

Everpress Profit – 4%

Our total profit from the sale of each T-shirt, when you remove all of the costs above.